The Internet Is Asking: Does the Sexy Food Guy From ‘Queer Eye’ Even Know How to Cook?

The Internet Is Asking: Does the Sexy Food Guy From ‘Queer Eye’ Even Know How to Cook?

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Everybody is gushing (and sobbing) over the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye. The series that finds five gay men making over the lives of (mostly) straight men living in Trump’s America is a win for all. Just spend some time on Twitter and see the countless accolades praising both the series and the fab five. But one thing everyone is also pointing out: does the super sexy food expert Antoni Porowski even know how to cook?

Nigel M. Smith tweeted: “I can’t with the food “expert” in #QueerEye. Yeah, he’s hot. But so far in the episodes I’ve seen, he’s taught straights how to make guacamole, fry a grilled cheese, and cook a hot dog. WHAT ARE HIS QUALIFICATIONS?! His smile?”


Hey, girl. Let’s binge on some QE and gougères tonight. @netflix

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Hornet’s own Danny Addice also pointed out, “So he’s obviously perfect/beautiful/Linda Evangelista/has great taste in music etc, but @antoni putting greek yogurt in guacamole on @QueerEye is borderline homophobic to avocados.”

Comedian Maya Deshmukh hilariously posted: “I’ve hysterically cried multiple times throughout Queer Eye.. “HOWEVER the saddest part of the whole series was watching an entire family attempt to eat like 4 slices of grapefruit and avocado. ANTONI HAS BUNK ASS RECIPES* AND IS ONLY THERE FOR HIS BEAUTY. *ALSO WHO PUTS GREEK YOGURT IN GUACAMOLE!?????????”

Everybody seems to return to the greek yogurt in guacamole flub.

Well, our friends over at Junkee took a deep dive into the credentials of Antoni Porowski to see if his cooking credentials pan out, and surprisingly, they don’t.

Regarding his experience, they shared, “Before joining Queer Eye, Antoni said in an interview with Eater that he worked as a ‘waiter, sommelier, general manager, and even a food consultant in New York City.’ All of those are definitely involved with food in some way — I could believe that he definitely SAW and EXPERIENCED food in his day-to-day life, but none of those jobs actually involve cooking.”

They also shared that his Instagram never shows him actually cooking, just shows the completed dish – many of which don’t need to be cooked at all (a cheese plate or salad).

But they also ask: does it matter?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if Antoni can’t cook. The men on the show who can’t even put on a pair of pants without getting divorced are certainly benefitting from his help. It’s not like he has a restaurant and is disappointing people. And frankly, Antoni is so handsome and beautiful and shining and golden that if he offered me an avocado with a spoon in it for dinner, I would tell him it was delicious.

Perhaps that’s what has happened to him his entire life — maybe everyone has been too thirsty for Antoni Porowski to ever tell him that he doesn’t know how to cook. But we’re okay with that.

What do you think about his cooking skills on the show so far? Do you think he gets a pass because he’s super hot and sweet, or should the creators of Queer Eye have done a better job digging, and found somebody with actually cooking experience?

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