Crying Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell Is Sad He’s Wanted for Arrest in Charlottesville

Crying Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell Is Sad He’s Wanted for Arrest in Charlottesville

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Christopher Cantwell had a busy weekend. He was in the white supremacist “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The situation in Charlottesville was quickly determined a state of emergency. There were a number of violent incidents, including the murder of a anti-racist protester.

Well, now Cantwell’s just found out he’s got a warrant out for his arrest. He’s not taking the news well:

In the video, he says he heard that there was a warrant out for him. He called the Charlottesville police, who told him he’d have to go in person to the police to find out if that was the case.

But Cantwell’s scared! After all — it’s a state of emergency! The National Guard were called in! Sure, all of that is because of people like him but still. It’s dangerous!

Pretty early into the video, Cantwell tears up. “I wanna be peaceful, I want to be law-abiding…. we have done everything in our power to be peaceful!” Which, if that’s true, neo-Nazis sure have a strange definition of “peaceful.”

He continues to cry about how he worked with the police and the ACLU defended them and that their enemies will not stop. He gets particularly upset about Chelsea Manning sharing a picture of her “talking about curb-stomping Nazis with a picture of a boot coming down on somebody!”

Considering the number of Neo-Nazis who’ve curb-stomped victims, that’s particularly rich.

Cantwell then offers his phone number, asking police officers to call him and confirm they’re law enforcement. If he can confirm that, he says, he’ll give his location so they can talk to him. He adds “if I were a violent guy, you’d fucking know about it.”

Cantwell’s not your garden-variety neo-Nazi. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a file on him. Cantwell hosts a call-in Neo-Nazi talk show, Radical Agenda on Facebook and UStream. Cantwell’s called for the violent overthrow of the United States government — insisting Democrats must be “physically removed” from America.

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As for the violence, the SPLC points out Cantwell stated he seriously considered going on a violent rampage “like one of these guys like Jerad Miller.” In 2014, Miller and his wife Amanda killed two Las Vegas police officers and one civilian. He died in a shootout with police; his wife committed suicide. “I was going to go out blasting and take as many of them with me as I could.”

Cantwell does then say such an act would be “a waste.” Though Cantwell himself has not been arrested for any violent crimes — though he does have some DWIs — his rhetoric often calls for violence. For example, one of Cantwell’s essays was “Gabby Giffords Begs for Another Bullet.” Another was “Violently Overthrow the Government.”

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He also has shared of the neo-Nazi greatest hits about people of color are less intelligent (they aren’t) and that a race war is coming. Cantwell even told the SPLC his “goal here is to normalize racism. I’m going to make a commercial enterprise out of saying things that people want to make illegal. I’m going to make a whole fucking bunch of money doing it. Anybody who gets in my way is going to find themselves in a very long list of people who regretted underestimating me.”

We’re not sure how much money this video has made Cantwell, but it’s definitely given him a reputation as the crying Neo-Nazi.

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