Melissa McCarthy Pops Up as Easter Bunny Sean Spicer on SNL

Melissa McCarthy Pops Up as Easter Bunny Sean Spicer on SNL

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Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live last night, this time to deliver a special message impersonating Sean Spicer dressed as the Easter Bunny.

“Don’t push me, I’m sweating my Easter eggs off in this thing.”

The sketch is pitch perfect, especially considering how Spicer did dress up as the White House Easter Bunny when he was a low-level employee during the George W. Bush administration.

Writer Robert Schooley dug up an old interview with Spicer about his work as the Easter Bunny. Spicer said that it was hard to see in the costume, so his wife acted as his guide.

“You all got your wish this week,” Spicer admits. “Spicey finally made a mistake. I said at least Hitler never used chemical weapons and everyone was like, ‘Boohoo! What about the chemical centers.’”

“I know they’re not really called that. I’m aware, duh. I clearly meant to say concentration clubs, OK? Let it drop? It would be really great if the nit pickers could focus on the big picture and not focus on every little slur and lie I say. That’d be nice.”

Some of the jokes McCarthy’s Spicer made were extremely cringeworthy, especially when he/she brought up the subject of the United Airlines fiasco into the sketch. “PS: I would like for you all to know that I am sensitive to the fact they were sent there on trains but hey, at least they didn’t have to fly United. Am I right?”

Immediately regretting the statement, Spicer retracts, “Damn, that one jumped right out.”

Spicer concluded that Hitler is still the worst bad guy of all time. Coincidentally, video of Mellisa McCarthy’s performance is already number one on the YouTube trending chart.

Watch Melissa McCarthy’s return to Saturday Night Live as Easter Bunny Sean Spicer:

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