free melania
free melania

Melania Tries to Break Free From Captor Trump in This Hilarious Cartoon

Free Melania! The good people over at Super Deluxe created a hilarious cartoon featuring a trapped Melania Trump trying to break free from her captor Donald Trump.

From tying together some of his Made in China ties to digging a hole in the wall at Mar-a-Lago, the FLOTUS has a whole lot of tricks up her sleeve to get out from under the sack of orange spray tan juice.

The cartoon is made by Luke McGarry, a Manchester-born, Los Angeles-based artist and animator. McGarry also is half of the design firm Fantastic Heat Brothers, and plays bass in the band Pop Noir.

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One of our favorite things is the relatively subtle background jokes — like Mar-a-Lago’s gates bearing the legend “CARPE VULVUM,” cod-latin for “Grab ’em by the pussy.” Or the “Jewelry-O’s” Melania eats with the slogan “Extra out-of-touch!”

Her first few attempts are squashed by the POTUS, until the end when she finally breaks free because of another piece-of-shit world leader. We’re sure you can guess who. Here’s a hint: He loves shirtlessness and horses and hates the gays.

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We wish the cartoon didn’t end with Melania having to rely on a man to set her free, but most cartoons and fairy tales are pretty outdated with these tropes.

Of course, while “Free Melania” is a fun joke, we have to remember — this is what she chose. She chose to get (and stay!) married to a repulsive, yet powerful man. Furthermore, before her husband became president, she pushed racist conspiracy theories about President Obama’s American citizenship and tolerated anti-Semitic attacks against a Jewish writer who wrote a slightly unflattering profile of her.

Melania isn’t a victim; she’s complicit.

Watch how “Free Melania” finally escapes:


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