GALLERY: Ladies Against Humanity Makes Cards Against Humanity Funnier

GALLERY: Ladies Against Humanity Makes Cards Against Humanity Funnier

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Cards Against Humanity is a hugely successful party game — the free PDF of the cards has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, and enough people have paid money for the game they’ve earned at least $12 million. In fact, calling it a mere party game seems inadequate; it’s a full on phenomenon… what else do you call it when a non-gardening company can sell 30,000 boxes of actual, literal bullshit?

The game, if you’ve never played it, is an Apples To Apples clone; in Apples To Apples, you choose the word that best fits a drawn card, and everyone votes on the best match. Cards Against Humanity works the same way, except the drawn cards are a prompt — usually a fill-in-the-blank — and the cards you play go with the prompt to make the best joke as determined by the group.

The tagline for the game is “A party game for horrible people,” and the prompts and punchline cards are usually taboo. (I’ve heard it said that like how the best Apples To Apples matches are usually dirty, the best Cards Against Humanity answers are usually G-rated, due to the rarity of such a thing.) The creators of Cards Against Humanity offer expansions and blank cards for you to write your own answers. They’ve also pulled a few cards from later editions of the game — mostly “2edgy4u” stuff making jokes of “surprise sex” or “passable transvestites,” but also some dated references like “a Bop-It” or “Billy Mays is here for [blank]”.

Still, it’s generally recommended to go through the full Cards Against Humanity deck and make your own edits — for instance, pulling out some of the more Family Guy-ish ones trafficking in “ironic” racism or sexism… or just ones you don’t get.

And, thanks to the blank cards, you can add in your own funnier ones — a fun one is “Why do birds suddenly appear?” — and the people behind the tumblr Ladies Against Humanity have found the sweet spot of making the game more progressive in its tone… and way, way funnier.

If you’re looking for suggestions to add to your own copy of Cards Against Humanity, we’ve included a sampling of the best below…. and if you’ve got an idea of your own, they take submissions. Or, if you just want to add the complete set, you can print your own!

(Featured image via Connie Ma)

Previously Published November 20, 2015.

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