Supreme Court: Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Does Not Violate Religious Rights

Supreme Court: Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Does Not Violate Religious Rights

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The Supreme Court of the United States has upheld California’s gay conversion therapy ban by rejecting an appeal which argued that the ban violated religious freedom. This is the second appeal against conversion bans that the Supreme Court has turned away in the past three years.

Donald Welch, a minister, and licensed therapist is the man behind the appeal. Welch counsels for a Christian Evangelical Church in San Diego. He has been straightforward with his belief that homosexuality is a sin and it is counterproductive to the natural state of heterosexuality. Welch fought the California ban alongside another church minister and a “cured straight man” who underwent Welch’s conversion therapy.

The law in question bans any state-licensed therapist or psychologist from attempting to change a child’s sexual orientation. Coincidentally, the “therapy” only concerns converting gay children straight, and never the other way around. This “conversion” occurs through multiple bizarre and untested methods including hypnosis and intense counseling. Aversion therapy is a more horrifying and severe method sometimes used as well. Men and women are subjected to pain and electroshock treatment while being exposed to homosexual imagery.

The greatest blunder behind gay conversion (outside of the horrible mistreatment of children and the subsequent psychological damage) stems from its theory that homosexuality is a mental disorder– which is not true.

California was the first state to establish a gay conversion therapy ban back in 2012. Currently, there are only six other states that have enacted a similar ban which includes New Jersey, Oregan, Illinois, New York, New Mexico and Vermont, as well as the District of Columbia. As of 2017, fifteen additional states have filed bills to ban conversion therapy into state legislatures.

The decision to uphold gay conversion therapy bans could not come at a better time. The current U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence, has supported its use in the past.

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