‘I Loved Sleeping with a Woman!’ Says ‘Gay’ Man Who Forgot Bisexuality Exists

‘I Loved Sleeping with a Woman!’ Says ‘Gay’ Man Who Forgot Bisexuality Exists

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TV presenter Andy West, who describes himself as gay, says he slept with a woman, but is still gay, apparently because bisexuality doesn’t exist.

In an article in Gay Times, West writes, “I want to begin by saying: I am gay.”


Then he writes about how he voluntarily slept with a woman and enjoyed it. Which is something that gay men do all the time?

He continues:

There was something between us but that wasn’t new. There’d been a spark before, which is why we flirted so much, competing over who could make the other laugh hardest. It was just innocent messing about between friends.

Or that’s what we thought. The next morning we woke up next to each other in bed. Naked.

Just like in a sitcom! Did West black out and enter a hetero fugue state? Who knows? What he knows is that he slept with a woman, and he liked it, and he’s absolutely 100% gay because heterosexuality and homosexuality are the only two orientations that exist.

West wrote last December that he was interested in sleeping with a woman. But he’s definitely completely gay. Because those are the only options: aggressively hetero or 24/7 gay orgy.

West wrote that he enjoyed his lady-sex, and it confused him greatly. He says:

Am I bisexual? For a truly insane moment of complete and utter delusion I even questioned whether I was gay.

Hahaha what? Bisexuality? Impossible! Is a man “bisexual” just because he’s attracted to men and women and enjoys sleeping with both men and women???


West knows he’s still 100% gay because a while later he found himself looking at a dude’s ass. Then he noticed a woman, but “not in that way.” Which means he’s still gay. Because it’s impossible to be attracted to different people in different ways.

There have been many articles written about men who call themselves straight but regularly enjoy having sex with other men —biphobia runs too deep for them to acknowledge who they really are. But Andy West gives us an example of the phenomenon from the other side. Which leads us to wonder: why is someone more afraid of being bi than of being gay?


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