This Gay Couple’s Shirtless Acrobatic Yoga is a Sexy Metaphor for Love … or Something (Video)

This Gay Couple’s Shirtless Acrobatic Yoga is a Sexy Metaphor for Love … or Something (Video)

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Seattle-based couple Elvis and Teddy Garcia have been together for four years, have been married since June 20, 2015. They own a small yoga studio in Seattle and during their time together, they’ve practiced acrobatic yoga together and found that it makes a suitable metaphor for relationship dynamics. So they made a video about it — the video doubles as an ad for some fitness app, but it also doubles as eye-candy and relationship advice, so let’s enjoy it.

Cooperative aerial acrobatics is challenging and doesn’t always feel safe or stable. It requires communication and can hurt when things don’t go as planned. At its best though, it can also feel intimate and freeing and involve lots of touch, sweat and partial nudity — nice.

“The very first time we flew together, or we did acro together …” Elvis says, “it was a lot of arguing between each other, just trying to figure out which way and how to better communicate with each other. And then it usually got better when, I think, one of us was listening instead of both of us just kind of like talking at each other and what felt best to us.”

He continues, “Love is compromising because it’s not all about what I want. When you’re in a relationship, it’s about what’s better for the team, because you’re now a team…. To stay in love is a consistent work on both parties’ parts, to be able to nurture the relationship between us and to grow ourselves farther in all aspects of life.”

Soon after, Teddy says, “[Elvis] likes to hear himself talk.”

Their video reminds us a little of “the Happy Couple workout”, a 2012 program devised by a heterosexual couple whose exercises incorporated kissing and hugging between reps. That couple’s website is now defunct. Just sayin’ — videos like this can be a metaphor for some relationships too: Sweet, slightly performative and possibly short-lived.

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