harvey fiertstein weinstein
harvey fiertstein weinstein

Leave Harvey Fierstein Alone! Twitter Confuses the Gay Icon With Hollywood Skeezebag Harvey Weinstein

After news came out that Harvey Weinstein had been accused of sexual assault in a damning New York Times exposé, people were understandably livid. Unfortunately, not everyone directed their ire at the right guy. Gay icon Harvey Fierstein — who has, to our knowledge, never been accused of anything untoward — has been fielding tweets who have confused him with the Hollywood mogul.

Such are the dangers of having a relatively uncommon first name. After all, when we think of famous Harveys, here’s the complete list that comes to mind:

  • Harvey Weinstein, producer and alleged creepazoid (@HarveyWeinstein)
  • Harvey Fierstein, gay icon and national treasure (@HarveyFierstein)
  • Harvey Levin, the conservative gay man who runs TMZ (@HarveyLevinTMZ)
  • Harvey Keitel, actor (not on Twitter)
  • Harvey Kurtzman, the creator of MAD magazine (dead for 24 years, not on Twitter)
  • Harvey Korman, comedian (dead for 9 years, not on Twitter)
  • Harvey Milk, legendary gay activist and politician (dead for 39 years, not on Twitter)
  • Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina the Teenage Witch‘s boyfriend (fictional, not on Twitter)
  • Hurricane Harvey, a hurricane (not on Twitter)

Here are some of our favorite confused tweets:

Thankfully, some folks owned up to their (or their friends’) confusion:

And of course, as Mister Rogers says, “Look for the helpers“:

We’re also amused by the people saying that harassing women would be, ahem, a bit out of character for Mr. Fierstein:

Finally, here’s a petition we can really get behind:

In case you’re still confused, here are a few ways to properly identify your Harvey:

Does your Harvey have a Tony for acting or writing? If so, you’ve got a Fierstein.

Does your Harvey have a Tony for producing? That’s a Weinstein, bub.

Is your Harvey’s most famous role Sam Rizzo in the critical and commercial bomb An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn? Weinstein’s your guy.

Is your Harvey’s most famous role Arnold Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy? Fierstein, baby!

Is your Harvey beloved by all? That’s totally Fierstein.

Is your Harvey generally disliked, even before the New York Times did its piece? Yep, that’s… yecch… Weinstein.

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