Here’s What Happened After a New York Gay Couple Added a Woman to Their Relationship

Here’s What Happened After a New York Gay Couple Added a Woman to Their Relationship

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Many gay couples think about their opening up their relationships, but how many think about opening up their relationship with a woman? One couple decided to do that, and after identifying as gay all his life, one of the men in the relationship is now opting for a new term: homoflexible.

Chris and Matt Brandt had been together for eight years. When they began exploring open relationship territory back in 2015, they opted to pick a woman to add to their couple instead of a man.

Chris, who had dated women before he began dating Matt, said, “Matthew had never had any experience with women before he’d met me. And before I met Matthew I had dated quite a few girls and quite a few guys.”

“I suggested to Matt, ‘How would you feel about involving a woman in some fashion?’ At first he was completely opposed to the idea but after a while we talked about it and he warmed up to it.”

Matt, Cait and Chris

In 2015, Chris met Cait Earnest on a dating app.

Chris explains, “The three of us started to spend more and more time together and after about seven or eight months she was staying over five nights a week.”

Nine months into their relationship with Cait, Matt and Chris got married but they made sure Cait was an important part of their wedding.

While Cait and Chris identify as bisexual, Matt is opting for another term: homoflexible.

Matt explains the new terms, “I’m ‘homoflexible’ so I like guys and I’m open, flexible to women – I prefer men.”

“I guess I had an awakening after I had a sexual experience with a women. It is just another body, another soul, a connection that I can have.”


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