A Study Says More Than Half of LGBTQ Japanese Students Were Bullied in School

A Study Says More Than Half of LGBTQ Japanese Students Were Bullied in School

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According to a new survey reported in the Mainichi, more than half of LGBT people in Japan were bullied in school. Nearly 70% said their teachers didn’t help them at all.

The survey was carried out by Hasuhara Hidaka, professor of social epidemiology at Takarazuka University School of Nursing in Osaka, and commissioned by Lfienet Insurance Co. About 15,000 people replied to the survey, which was conducted online.

A full 58% of respondents said they were bullied in elementary, junior high and high school. 21% stayed home from school at one point because of it.

The survey asked if teachers helped deal with bullying. 13% said yes, but 67% said no.

The survey also asked about sex education. 68% of respondents said they didn’t learn about homosexuality. When students did learn about it, it was generally negative; 17% received negative information and 5% were told it was abnormal. Only 7% learned positive information about homosexuality.

This bullying and stigma had a negative effect on students. 10% of respondents said they had harmed themselves.


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