This Captivating Music Video Takes Tim Burton Queer Imagery to the Shores of Fire Island

This Captivating Music Video Takes Tim Burton Queer Imagery to the Shores of Fire Island

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“Less Talk More Art” is the latest video creation from the mind of Vito Fun, a resident DJ and photographer on Fire Island Pines.

“The song is anthemic as it beckons you to stop talking and start making,” Fun explains.

“Fire Island is the first place I felt like I could be 100% myself without having to look over my shoulder, so we wrote the chorus about feeling free and finding a home away from home.”

The entire video was filmed at Reflections on the bay side of Fire Island Pines, a house known on the island for its white washed walls, high ceilings, natural light and theatrical events.

Fun continues: “Art is life and life is art. Your profession is your art, from an investment banker to a musician. You must approach them in the same way by doing it harder, better, faster and stronger than your competition.”

Vito Fun

The song “Less Talk More Art” came from the minds of Fun and KOIL, who have been creating music together for the last five years. Together, they have produced music for Nina Sky, Bob The Drag Queen, Alaska Thunderfuck, Ricky Rebel, KENO, Peppermint, Ce’Cile, Maluca, Nicky Da B and many more.

The video’s art direction was conceived by Cesar Ramirez who has done styling for the likes of Beyonce, the Kardashians, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, Brandy and Demi Lovato. Ramirez has recently signed on as the creative director for Mizani.

Ramirez says: “I believe that self expression and language are what make up life. Nothing can exist without words. Art is a major way to self express oneself and sometimes its the most peaceful and universal way! It blurs lines between race, culture, sex and even age. So if we look at what we say for how impactful it really is and fill it with possibility then essentially we can create Art through language or word.”

The video is directed by Kyle Walling, a mad genius who believes that music videos are the highest possible art form.

Dashaun Wesley and Javier Ninja, two of the world’s most influential names in vogueing, are featured showcasing their dance talents throughout the conceptual and trippy video.

Director of Photography is Ursula Mann, a trans cinematographer who has been called the “Tim Burton of queer imagery.” He has created visions for artists Contessa Stuto, Zebra Katz and Kreayshawn.

Fun explains how he got this all star crew together. “‘Less Talk, More Art’ was really about getting some of my most talented friends together and giving them no limits. A lot of these people are big in their field and I said, ‘Bring your wildest ideas to the shoot, I’m not going to tell you no.’”

Watch the video for “Less Talk More Art” here:

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