Marvel at the 15 Best Cosplays on Tumblr

Marvel at the 15 Best Cosplays on Tumblr

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Unicorn Booty, shriek week, ghost, Halloween, scary, terror, emojiPlanning a Halloween costume, a trip to a convention, or just looking to freak out the mundanes? Well, look no further than Tumblr, where creative types delight in posting their home-grown cosplay ideas. Whether you’re crossing genders, blending universes, holding a costume together with hot glue, or springing for the expensive accessories, the creative forces of Tumblr offer no shortage of inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite creative costumes, starting with a cornucopia of superheroes:

Harley Quinn is huge, huge, huge following that movie that we must never speak of. Great to see cosplayers redeeming the character!

Sailor Jupiter comes to life via Borderlands at what looks like a courthouse? Order in the court.

Sexy squirtle is so glad he came out.

It’s Judy from Zootopia! Under a bridge! For some reason! Is that where Nick lives or what?

This is the opposite of sexing it up by showing off as much flesh as possible … and yet we cannot look away from the skill and craftsmanship in this Jakku scavenger.

Did you seriously just cosplay as a character from A Goofy Movie? You are amazing.

Sorry it had to end this way, Green Lantern. At least you went out looking good.

This is good, but if he was a real convincing Solid Snake, we wouldn’t even see him at all.

Not much needed for this one. Just a lot of bravery and comfort in your skin.

Oh, why are the sexy ones always so brooding?

Oh hello your majesty! Feel free to conquer my empire.

Oh, the things that headless torso has seen.

These weapons seem… impractical.

Haha, sexy Jayne cosplay? Maybe if this is the direction they took the character in, the show wouldn’t have been cancelled.


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