Gay Porn Star Matthew Rush Had His Assault Case Thrown Out by Florida Court

Gay Porn Star Matthew Rush Had His Assault Case Thrown Out by Florida Court

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Near the beginning of March 2017, musclebound gay porn star Matthew Rush (real name Greg Grove) was arrested for assault and battery in Florida after allegedly punching his ex-boyfriend in the mouth. Although Grove claimed that he had struck his ex in self-defense after his ex forcefully pushed him out of the house, he later claimed the hit occurred accidentally when his ex “ran into his forearm” (link NSFW).

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A Florida court has declined to prosecute the case citing a lack of information (link NSFW). Beforehand, Grove had declared indigent status allowing him the use of a public defender after declaring a $1,600 a month income (link NSFW). Now that the case has been thrown out, he will have to pay a $50 fee for the use of that defender.

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Similarly, gay-for-pay star Josh Logan also had murder his case thrown out by a Florida court earlier this year. Several other gay porn stars have also had legal run-in this year, including Cameron Diggs, who was arrested for drug trafficking and three other gay porn stars who have appealed their convictions for child rape and extortion.


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