zucchini, penis, huge, dong
zucchini, penis, huge, dong

Meet The Man Who Has Been Injecting Silicone Into His Penis

Not too long ago we told you about the man with a (probably fake) 19-inch penis. Today, we’d like to share with you this video of a man who has a real giant penis. Granted, the man has been injecting his cock and balls with silicone to get it that big, but at least we know it’s his actual penis.

The man (identified only as Marvin) is unable to have sex, but he doesn’t mind. Marvin prefers the thrill of having such a huge dong, though, so even hassles like having to squat over the toilet bowl to avoid dunking his dick are just reminders of his enormous schlong.

It might not be for everyone, but rock on, Marvin!


(Featured image via BarbaraLN/Flickr)