Monét X Change to Azealia Banks: ‘LGBTQ+ People Are the Only Reason You Have a Career’

Monét X Change to Azealia Banks: ‘LGBTQ+ People Are the Only Reason You Have a Career’

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After she accused RuPaul of ripping-off her music, rapper Azealia Banks went on a Twitter rant against the “white gays” and the entire LGBTQ community. One queen who wasn’t having it was Drag Race Season 10 contestant Monét X Change.

This weekend Azealia Banks called RuPaul’s song “Call Me Mother” a blatant rip-off of her 2016 track “The Big Big Beat” (which is itself a sample of the An Expresso track “I Wish a Muthafucka Would”). Banks called out RuPaul on Twitter and claims she convinced the music streaming service Spotify to drop RuPaul’s album America. Banks promised to get Apple Music to remove the track, too.

The album and track are back on Spotify, and we’re not sure if it was ever removed from iTunes. Spotify removes albums during litigation and investigations, so its return likely suggests the investigation turned out in RuPaul’s favor.

And now Banks doesn’t seem too happy. Early Tuesday morning she went on a Twitter rant against the LGBTQ community, specifically “white gays.”

Azealia Banks performing at WestGay in 2015.

Here’s what Banks had to say:

I have so many good things going on right now and I’m so fucking annoyed that these dragged out clowns have found a way to attach themselves to me yet AGAIN. Like shit just because I’m queer doesn’t mean we walk step and step. I be trying to live my gay life with the KUNTS

And the white gays always find a way to inject their selfish ass ideas about how queer people are supposed to be into EVERYTHING I do. Why can’t you all just go the fuck away? Seriously

Black queer women have a different fucking life from gay white men. Stop trying to police my queer experience and tell me how to be. You guys are honestly suffocating and I wish you would go away and stay away for good.

I’ve been actively trying to live my best black queer female life and you keep trying to force me to consider you when you have absolutely no consideration for me. I just want you guys to go the fuck away. Tired of this fake ass lgbtq shit niggas are not a community you guys are

TYRANTS. And not invited to my life. Get out and stay out. Kunt brigade only

You think you’re punishing me by copying my music but you’re actually showing to me how fucking jealous of me you are. You hate how fabulous and free I am and hate the fact that there’s no amount of makeup or girdles that could make you me. @rupaul.

One queen who didn’t seem to like it was Monét X Change. She tweeted, “I will no longer perform my Azealia Mix…EVER. @cheapyxo is rotted TRASH.”

To that, Banks responded, “Bitch your crotch is rotting and fermenting under that sour mildew ass girdle sus ???? I do not give a goddamn .. ???”

Monét X Change then clapped back hard. “Good one Azealia,” she wrote. “Gotta love a tired bitch with preschool reads. Do you not realize that the LGBTQIA+ Community is the ONLY reason you have a career? The hetero community wasn’t checkin for yo ass before this debacle, and they won’t after. Obscurity is where you shall exist.”

What do you think of the Monét X Change war of words with Azealia Banks? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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