There Are Rumors of a Naked, Pro-Trump Bodybuilder Protest Coming to Washington D.C.

There Are Rumors of a Naked, Pro-Trump Bodybuilder Protest Coming to Washington D.C.

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Over the last week, a couple of somewhat secret protests have bubbled up online: There’s the February 17 National Strike encouraging folks to protest instead of working, going to school or spending money; there’s the March 15 postcard campaign where people opposing Trump will mail postcards to him expressing their distaste; and there’s also rumors of an April demonstration of pro-Trump, nationalist bodybuilders at the National Mall.… well, if you believe the random racist writer recently interviewed in The Atlantic, that is.

The writer in question is Curtis Yarvin; his previous blog posts ask such philosophical questions as “What’s so bad about the Nazis?” and suggest that some races, like Africans, are better suited to slavery. Yeah, he and Tia Tequila should totally go bowling together.

Anyway, Yarvin apparently connected Atlantic writer Rosie Gray to a Twitter user known as @BronzeAgePerv, a “nationalist, fascist, nudist bodybuilder”, and claimed that:

“Apparently there’s a big underground movement of right-wing bodybuilders—thousands. Their plan is to surface spectacularly this April, in a choreographed flash demo on the Mall. They’ll be totally nude, but wearing MAGA hats. Goal is to intimidate Congress with pure masculine show of youth, energy. Trump is said to know, will coordinate with powerful EOs… (executive orders)”

The rest of Gray’s article examines the people behind the neo-reactionary (NRx) movement—a group of anti-democratic, pro-racist, pro-fascist political “philosophers” (haha) percolating on the internet. While Gray’s article is interesting and important (she connects the movement to Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist), NRx thinking is your usual blend of academic-sounding, pro-autocratic racism; that is, if the NRx movement actually organized a protest of naked bodybuilders wearing Make America Great Again hats on the National Mall, it’d be the funniest most original (and gayest) thing they’d ever come up with.

So bring it on … and please make a Facebook event page for it when you do.

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