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New York Politician Names ‘Ex-Gay Therapy’ Ban After Mike Pence Who Supports ‘Ex-Gay Therapy’

Patrick Burke — a politician from Erie County, New York — has recently entered a state bill that would ban so-called ‘ex gay therapy’ for minors. Ex-gay therapy is a widely-disproven practice also known as reparative therapy, conversion therapy, ‘pray the gay away’ or, as we like to call it, torture.

What’s rich is that since Vice President-elect Mike Pence supports this form of torture, Burke named his bill P.E.N.C.E., Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment. Well played, Mr. Burke. Well played.

Buffalo, New York’s National Public Radio Station notes that, “Burke has unsuccessfully pushed for the issue the past two years and this time, he is hoping to build up public support” and he “expects it to be debated sometime next month and into the new year.”

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