RuPaul Once Fronted a Punk-Rock Band Called Wee Wee Pole

RuPaul Once Fronted a Punk-Rock Band Called Wee Wee Pole

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Supposedly, there was a RuPaul band in the early 1980s.

Yes, there was! Before he became the supermodel of the world, RuPaul fronted a new wave band called Wee Wee Pole in Atlanta, Georgia.

RuPaul revealed his gig during a season 8 episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – which saw the host challenge the remaining queens to perform in new wave bands. “Long before I became ‘Supermodel of the World,’ I was in a punk-rock band called Wee Wee Pole,” he told the contestants. “I was inspired by bands like The B-52’s, Wendy O. Williams (of Plasmatics) and my all-time favorite, Blondie.”

In the below clip, you can see Wee Wee Pole featuring RuPaul and The U-Hauls making their Atlanta debut in 1983. The interviewer, James Bond, is from The American Music Show.

Like she does now, RuPaul had an keen sense of marketing and knew that getting himself on that show would help his career.

He said:

While channel surfing one night, I came across a local public access TV show called The American Music Show. Obviously videotaped in someone’s living room once a week, it had a talk show/sketch comedy type format that had no format at all. Hosted by Dick Richards and James Bond and featuring a weird cast of social misfits. It was very politically irreverent, funny, sick, wrong and I loved it. In my gut I knew, I had found my tribe. I immediately wrote a letter to the show explaining how much I loved what they did and that I would love to be a part of it. Two weeks later, I got a call from Paul Burke, saying they got my letter and would love for me to be on the show after the holidays.

In this clip below, watch Wee Wee Pole and Ru do “Funky for a Honky” and “Body Heat” in 1983 at Atlanta’s Club 688.

Here is another clip of RuPaul performing. The video cites that RuPaul is performing with the U-Hauls at Atlanta’s Nitery Club in 1984 with the art band Attack & Decay.

But then, RuPaul decided to move to New York City and the RuPaul band broke up. In the clip below, Ru is on a street outside the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan during the New Music Seminar, talking about his decision to move from Atlanta to New York City.


Featured image by Robert Burke Warren, RuPaul’s Wee Wee Pole bandmate.

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