The Heartwarming ‘Stronger Than You’ Video From ‘Steven Universe’ Could Be the Next Queer Fight Song

The Heartwarming ‘Stronger Than You’ Video From ‘Steven Universe’ Could Be the Next Queer Fight Song

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There’s been a lot of bad news lately — especially from the GOP. It’s hard not to feel beat down by a President with a clear anti-LGBTQ agenda (no matter what some of his followers say). Thankfully, Steven Universe and Estelle have come to the rescue with the new heartwarming video for “Stronger Than You.”

This is the first live-action video from the series — and the new soundtrack album that recently came out. The video was shot at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and features a number of Steven Universe cosplayers, along with people of all ages wearing shirts with the song’s refrain, “I am made of love.” The recording on the music video is a mix of the studio version from the soundtrack album, plus some live audio from both Estelle and the crowd.

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Honestly, watching the video is a moving experience — especially right now. Seeing people come together and sing a song about the power of love. It’s a nice feeling — it’s the idea that we’re all in this together. Like Estelle sings:

I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you

It’s a great reminder for us as a community to join together against the forces that try to take away our protections. It’s not surprising that lines from Steven Universe and “Stronger Than You” in particular have shown up on protest signs.

Like this one, for instance!

It might be surprising that a show made for kids has become such a strong rallying cry for the queer community and progressives fighting Trump. But we understand it, too — shows like Steven Universe resonate because of their diversity and the fact that people who previously weren’t able to see themselves on television can now. We didn’t put “Last One Out of Beach City” on our top queer TV moments of 2016 list for nothing!

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And, if you prefer the original version, here’s “Stronger Than You” as it originally aired in the episode “Jail Break.”

The Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 album is available now digitally and a vinyl edition is coming later this year.


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