We’re Loving It: Someone Tipped Aja From ‘All Stars 3’ With a McChicken, and Her Reaction Is Priceless

We’re Loving It: Someone Tipped Aja From ‘All Stars 3’ With a McChicken, and Her Reaction Is Priceless

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We’re still gagging over Aja’s performance on the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. The competition underestimated her, until she pulled out that jaw-dropping death drop (or dip?) off that box on the runway. She proved her performance skills are tip-worthy, and one fan recently tipped Aja with something any hungry queen would love to see come through mid-performance.

While performing at the bar Red Light District in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a fan decided to tip Aja with a McChicken instead of a dollar bill. As Aja went down the line grabbing dollar bills, she stopped by the fan and grabbed the tasty treat. At first, her face was confused – but then she realized what she was being tipped with and broke character with some adorable laughter. Aja’s reaction was priceless.

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The fan tweeted out the interaction. Aja retweeted with the caption: “This bitch tipped me a fucking McChicken.”

Aja is currently competing on the new season of All Stars 3. If you watched last week’s premiere of then you saw the Brooklyn-based queen drop the deadliest death drop that has been death-dropped onto the reality show’s runway. (Though we hear the technical term for the dance move is “a dip.”) Seeing her climb onto that elevated platform, fellow competitor Milk muttered aloud, “Is she gonna jump from there?” while Morgan McMichaels looked on in horror. And then … shablam! She did.

Since then, a meme called Is She Gonna Jump From There (#IsSheGonnaJumpFromThere) has been trending on Twitter, with Drag Race fans piecing together famous scenes of performers leaping from great heights, intercut with Milk’s dramatic question.

We’re huge fans of Aja – and hope she continues to slay the competition on this season of All Stars 3. Even if she doesn’t win, she just may have a McDonald’s endorsement in the bag.

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