Legendary Queen Varla Jean Merman Is a Sexy Ginger Daddy Out of Drag (Photos)

Legendary Queen Varla Jean Merman Is a Sexy Ginger Daddy Out of Drag (Photos)

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While we were busy drooling over how good several of the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens look out of drag — particularly Milk and Laila McQueen’s mighty fine cakes —we completely overlooked the hotness of Varla Jean Merman. Prepare to have your thirst dragged!

Merman has never been on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but she’s plenty famous: She has toured her musical one-woman shows across America and has performed in the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall. She has also starred alongside famous drag queens Miss Coco Peru and Evie Harris in the 2003 independent comedy Girls Will Be Girls, played an alcoholic children’s show host in the 2011 camp film Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads and appeared in a Logo TV musical short outlining the Stonewall uprising (below).

Varla is known for being a glamorous comedy and musical queen who doesn’t take herself too seriously. She does celebrity impersonations of Adele and Princess Leia and has appeared in raunchy stage productions with titles like Gone with the Breaking Wind and Snow White and the Seven Bottoms.

What we didn’t realize was that Merman is played by a guy named Jeffery Roberson, a sexy ginger daddy with a muscular, hairy chest and bedroom eyes that will melt holes right through your head, heart and bathing suit areas. We stumbled across this trove of photos revealing Roberson out of drag and are officially smitten. He looks even better when he’s cuddling a cute puppy dog.

Let’s adore some of his pics, shall we?

He’s got a wry smile that’s welcoming and tank tops that make you want a hug.


When his chest hair grows out, he’s like a teddy bear just asking to be nuzzled.


And when he slips into the bath, he makes you want to go rub-a-dub!

You can follow Varla Jean Merman on Instagram, her personal website and on Twitter.

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