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VIDEO: Prince Eric And Dmitri Fall In Love In This Animated Mash-up

A video mash-up artist called The Nameless Doll has created a gay love music video involving The Little Mermaid‘s Prince Eric and Anastasia‘s Dmitri — HAWT! Considering that Disney and Dreamworks will probably never make an animated gay love story, let’s love on this video instead.

Prince Eric, Disney, The Little Mermaid, gay, cancerThe video shows Dmitri crying during alone on a sleepless night as Eric lies in bed. Dmitri then remembers his and Eric’s long romance which culminates in a storybook wedding and kids; one of which is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch! Finally, Eric comes downstairs to comfort Dmitri only to reveal that (SPOILER ALERT) Eric has cancer! A bald-headed Prince Eric?!? What the what???! Geez, talk about heart-wrenching!

What’s even more incredible is that the video actually incorporates animation from 29 different animated films, many of which aren’t Disney films at all like Balto, Osmosis Jones, The Road to ElDorado, The Secret World of Arrietty, Death Note and Howl’s Moving Castle. There’s even footage from Cinderella III. Who knew you that could milk three feature-length films from a single glass slipper?

The Nameless Doll also has lots of other music-animation mash-ups too. And if Disney hunks are your thing, then check out these artist renderings of Disney princes into gay hunks and real-life men. There’s even one for the ladies!