While in Brazil, Violet Chachki Gives ‘Drag Race’ Fans an Update on Katya’s Well-Being

While in Brazil, Violet Chachki Gives ‘Drag Race’ Fans an Update on Katya’s Well-Being

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While in Brazil, Violet Chachki provided an update to RuPaul’s Drag Race fans about how Katya (real name Brian McCook) is doing since he began a much-needed break from drag. In January we reported an announcement that McCook shared on his Instagram to his 1.1 million followers, a video announcing he’d be taking a break from drag in order to concentrate on his mental health. This Violet Chachki Katya update comes months after many fans were worried about Katya’s well-being.

Gay Star News asked the Season 7 winner, “Have you or any of the girls been in touch with Katya? How is she?”

Violet replied, “Yes, I talk to Katya at least once a week, sometimes more. She’s doing very well. She’s taking a break, resting.”

“I’m telling you this with a sense of urgency,” Katya shared in his January announcement. “I’m not dying. Let me tell you the truth. I’m not dying, I want to live. I’m a drug addict, but I’m sober. Today, and yesterday. And before. But I need to take a vacation, because I want to survive, like Gloria Gaynor.”

In another announcement made on his Twitter, McCook doubled down on his remarks and clarified that his mental health break meant he wouldn’t be performing at all in 2018.

Pearl, Violet and Katya

Many fans were worried about what would happen to Katya and Trixie’s show on VICELAND. Last week it was announced that Bob The Drag Queen will join Trixie Mattel as guest co-host of The Trixie & Katya Show for the remaining five episodes of the show’s first season.

“Everyone continues to support Brian on his path to getting healthy,” says VICELAND Executive Producer and SVP Development, Nomi Ernst Leidner. “While we will miss Katya dearly, we’re are very excited to offer fans more episodes of The Trixie & Katya Show with another powerhouse from the Drag Race roster.”

“We love Katya more than words can say,” added World of Wonder co-founders Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey. “And we are so grateful to the she-larious Bob for stepping up and supporting his drag sisters.”

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