6 Reasons Why Welsh Men Make the Best Boyfriends

6 Reasons Why Welsh Men Make the Best Boyfriends

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Wales is a nation state on the border of England, part of the United Kingdom. It’s famous for music, rugby, its rich history, culture and its sexy men.

You may already have some Welsh in you. Close to 2 million Americans’ ancestry originates from Wales, including Hillary Clinton. In 2010, she said, “As an American of Welsh descent, I have always had a special place in my heart for Wales … both the beauty of its land and the determination of its people.”

But let’s get back to that sexy men thing. (By the way, that’s rugby guy Joe Ledley up at the top. Isn’t he dreamy?) Here are six reasons why everyone should be on the hunt for a Welsh man:

1. They know how to cwtch.

This Welsh word has no equivalent in English, but the closest thing would be a ‘warm hug,’ or a ‘safe space for the heart.’ Basically, Welsh men take cuddling to another level of wow. But how do you say ‘cwtch’? We thought you might ask:

2. They can sing.

No, it’s not unusual — Welsh men are known for being great singers, from the legend that is Tom Jones to rockers like the frontman of Stereophonics, Kelly Jones (that B&W shot below). Even if they’re not pop stars they’re often in a fabulous Male Voice Choir. But be warned — such awesome lung capacity also means they’re good at passionate shouting – at you, if you’ve done bad.

3. They’re fabulous actors.

From the gorgeous Richard Burton (above) to the devilishly handsome Anthony Hopkins (below), Welsh men have played some of Hollywood’s greatest leading men. These acting skills filter down to most Welsh men, which can be great for roleplay or cosplay, but again, can end up with a lot of very good shouting if you’re having an argument.

4. They’ll show you some awesome sights when they take you home to Wales.

If a Welsh man ever takes you home to meet the folks, you’re in for a treat. Wales is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains and castles. Rhossili Bay (above) is often in the ‘top 10’ list of best beaches in the world. Mount Snowdon and Castle Coch (below) are also stunning places for a romantic date.

5. They’ll probably have “rugby legs.”

With rugby being the national sport of Wales, most guys have played at some level, which means big, beefy thighs, also known as “rugby legs!” I’ll just leave these here …

And if you’re a fan of this build of man, check out 6 Rugby Hunks That Make the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament Worth Watching.

6. They have their own ancient language to whisper into your ear.

As we’ve touched on with cwtch, Wales has its own unique tongue. If your man can speak Welsh, he’ll be able to say all kinds of dirty-sounding things to you in bed (that you won’t understand). Actually, maybe this isn’t such a good reason to date a Welsh man after all. You probably won’t even be able to say the name of his hometown.

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