Yee-Haw! 10 LGBT Country Artists You Should Know About

Yee-Haw! 10 LGBT Country Artists You Should Know About

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There are plenty of great LGBT musical artists including Frank Ocean, Sam Smith, Elton John and Melissa Etheridge, but there’s a genre of music that is nearly untouched by LGBT artists; Country music. The gay community doesn’t have much representation in country music but these 10 country artists are ones you need to watch out for:

Steve Grand

Biggest Hit: “All-American Boy”

Steve Grand rose to fame the old fashioned way: the internet. His music video for “All-American Boy” went viral on YouTube in less than a week and now has over 4 million views.


– – – – –

Ty Herndon

Biggest Hit: “Living In A Moment”

Ty Herndon came out publicly in November 2014 in People magazine. Herndon has had a 20 year career in country music, signing his first recording contract in 1995.


– – – – –

Billy Gilman

Biggest Hit: “One Voice”

Billy Gilman was once a child star. He released his biggest hit, “One Voice” in 2000 at age 11. He became the youngest singer to have a hit on the Billboard Country Music chart. He publicly came out as gay in November 2014 through a self-posted video. Unfortunately, Gilman hasn’t had a single chart hit since 2001.


– – – – –

Chely Wright

Biggest Hit: “Shut Up and Drive”

Chely Wright debuted in 1994 and won The Academy of Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist honor in 1995. Wright came out as lesbian in 2010 inspired by the bullying and hate crimes against gay teenagers.


– – – – –

Justin Utley

Biggest Hit: “Stand for Something”

Justin Utley began his career as a Mormon-contemporary singer/songwriter singing about faith in the late 1990’s. He cut ties with the Mormon church and spoke out against their use of conversion therapy.


– – – – –


Biggest Hit: “Bones”

Robert Maril, Steph Bishop and Emily Bielagus are Kings. They met via a Craigslist ad and represent the best of New York’s underground queercore country scene.


– – – – –

Brandy Clark

Biggest Hit: “Stripes”

Brandy Clark is an established singer-songwriter. She has written songs for Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert and LeAnn Rimes. She has also received multiple Grammy nominations for her work with Miranda Lambert and for her solo work.


– – – – –

Sonia Leigh

Biggest Hit: “My Name Is Money”

Sonia Leigh is signed to Zac Brown’s record label Southern Ground. She released her debut album in 2007 and has helped pen songs for the Zac Brown Band.


– – – – –

Shane McAnally

Biggest Hit: “Say Anything”

Shane McAnally is more of a songwriter than country music artist, but he has written and produced songs for Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves and Reba McEntire.


– – – – –

Sami Grisafe

Biggest Hit: “Carousel”

Sami Grisafe is not only a country music artist, she is a professional women’s football player. She has won two gold medals for Sweden and Finland and was recruited by the league to record a theme song.


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