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What is beta testing?

Beta testing is the final stage of testing a product, aimed at a group of targeted users, before it is released to a wider audience. At this stage, our product team delivers a near-finished version of Hornet to this group (called beta testers) to assess its performance as a potential release candidate. (PS Pretty much all the features in the beta version work the same, with the exception of exclusive new features that only testers will have firsthand access to.)

What is its objective?

The beta testing objective is to uncover as many bugs or usability issues as possible in this controlled setting, before Hornet is fully released. In other words, it aims to ensure that end users are satisfied with our product.

What do we expect from a beta tester?

As a beta tester, you are responsible for checking that Hornet is working correctly, easy to use, and contains actions that make sense. So, if you find any features that do not respond as expected, or would like to suggest that we implement a new one, report your feedback to us. When you report a bug, make sure we understand what you wrote. This can be done by including the following:
  • A short but descriptive title for the bug 
  • Steps to reproduce it
  • The environment (device model, operating system version, internet connection status, etc.)
  • Screenshots (you can also attach videos if reproduction steps are complicated)
For more information on how to successfully report a bug, check out the topic How Can I Report a Bug? from our FAQ.

What do you get from being a beta tester?

As a beta tester you can:
  • Earn Honey rewards for finding new issues, get into the Top 10 Beta Testers of the week list or submit at least 3 valid bug reports during a week.
  • Get a sneak peek to Hornet’s newest features before everyone else
  • Help make Hornet better by reporting the bugs you find
  • Join the Hornet Beta Testers community, where you can make friends and connect with like-minded people
  • Gain more experience and stay on top of trends and best practices, if you work in the field

Getting started

To join the program, click Join at the top of the Beta Tester Program page. You will then receive your Tester badge on your Hornet profile. Then follow these instructions to download the latest beta version and you will be ready to send us your reports. The report form can be accessed by simply tapping your Tester badge on your profile and then bug report form.
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