2 New Hashtag Campaigns for Featured Guys: #MySecretCity and #LearnedInQuarantine

2 New Hashtag Campaigns for Featured Guys: #MySecretCity and #LearnedInQuarantine

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Hello, Featured Guys! We’re excited to share with you all two new hashtag campaigns for the rest of the month of April.

But first, a general reminder about the purpose of the Hornet Featured Guys program, and the reason why you guys are so important to the app:

Hornet Featured Guys hold an important purpose on Hornet. You help us to “guide the tone” of posts in the app. We look to each of you guys — as creators of exciting, visually amazing content — to help set an example for non-Featured Guys about what kind of photos and videos they should be posting in the app.

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we still have many Hornet users who are only using the app to find hookups, or who only share “thirst traps” and shirtless/underwear pics. So we really look to our Featured Guys, all of you, to set a better example. While there’s nothing wrong with your posts being sexy, the ideal Featured Guy post is (1) visually interesting and (2) has substance! We want your posts to show off who you are, and if all of your posts are thirsty shirtless posts, you aren’t showing us enough of your personality!

That being said, let’s take a look at the two new hashtag campaigns we want to kick off in the app right now, both of which were suggested or inspired by two of our current Featured Guys! We received so many great recommendations from you guys about potential hashtag campaigns, and we’ve got a lot more campaigns in store over the next few months. If we decide to kick-off a campaign using your suggestion, you’ll be getting a $25 Amazon gift card!


This hashtag campaign was inspired by a suggestion of @krymuska out of Russia. Thanks, Denis, and you’ll be receiving a $25 gift card!

Here’s the idea: We’re asking all Hornet users to show us some of their personal favorite parts of their city. Not the huge tourist attractions that everyone knows of, but the “secret” places that are truly unique to where you live.

Maybe it’s your favorite coffee shop, or a favorite park where you like to relax or workout. Maybe it’s an amazing museum, bar or bookstore that not a lot of people know about. Think about it like this: If someone said they were going to be visiting your city, what are the “hidden gems” or the “off the beaten path” recommendations you would give them?

We’d love to see you guys share both photos AND videos using this #MySecretCity hashtag. In your captions (or in your video), tell us something about WHY this place is special or interesting. And by all means, share as many “secret locations” in your city as you want! And, as always, encourage your followers and all fellow Hornet users to participate, in this case by sharing THEIR favorite locations. 

Best of all, at the end of this campaign, we’re going to be taking some of our favorite #MySecretCity posts and turning them into one or multiple travel stories (articles) about your city!



This hashtag campaign was suggested by @omattleao out of Brazil. Thanks, Mattheus, and you’ll be receiving a $25 gift card as well!

Here’s the idea: We want you to share with everyone something that you learned over the past year during the pandemic. The options are limitless, and this will result in Hornet users learning something interesting about you!

Maybe you can share something you’ve learned about yourself. Feel free to get introspective and serious, or keep it light and funny. Or maybe it’s a new hobby, skill or language that you’ve picked up while in quarantine. Maybe it’s just an interesting fact you’ve learned.

We’d love to see you guys share both photos AND videos using this #LearnedInQuarantine hashtag. And we suggest that you end each of your posts with “What have YOU #LearnedInQuarantine?” to encourage your followers and other Hornet users to participate in this hashtag campaign.

Thanks so much to all of you guys for the great work you do as part of Hornet’s Featured Guy program. If any of you have any questions at all, about these two hashtag campaigns or about something else, please reach out to Can or myself, @stephanla, in the app!

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