Hornet Version 7.1 Sees Users Create Their Own Soundtrack With AI Music

Hornet Version 7.1 Sees Users Create Their Own Soundtrack With AI Music

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Hornet and AI Music collaborate to ship the industry’s first use of AI adaptive music on a social network

West Hollywood, Calif., Mar 24, 2021 — Hornet Networks, the world’s Gay Social Network, today announces the release of Version 7.1. This makes Hornet the first social network to feature adaptive music composed by artificial intelligence, helping creators express themselves more authentically through video to the app’s exclusively gay audience of 30 million users worldwide.

This industry-first use of machine learning technology has been developed and licensed by Hornet exclusively for the applications of social networks in partnership with AI Music (aimusic.co.uk). AI Music is a U.K.-based pioneer in innovating at the nexus of music and technology, where professional musicians, scientists and media experts collaborate to enable deeper connections with their audiences by infinitely scaling and adapting human creativity.

Starting March 24 on Hornet V7.1 for iOS, creators are now able to add adaptive, machine learning-composed soundtracks to their video stories. The AI Music service analyzes the individual user’s video content, mood, spoken language and video sounds, along with the creator’s choice of music genre (spanning jazz to lounge to dance music) to deliver a custom-composed, royalty-free soundtrack. This feature will initially be free to use, and will be shipped on Android a few weeks later.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Hornet to enable their community to more authentically create and curate their own stories through the power of personalised music,” says Siavash Mahdavi, CEO of AI Music. “We believe music is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression, and this collaboration will enable people to truly demonstrate their whole, unique selves. We also believe that human creativity drives the quality of our music and we’re honoured for Hornet users to empower our content with their creative input.”


About Hornet

Hornet is the world’s gay social network with over 30 million diverse users, providing a community home base that is available anytime, anywhere. Amplifying the radical, affirmative power of the gay community with cutting-edge technology, users feel comfortable sharing their experiences with friends who understand and validate their life.

To find out more, please visit: www.hornet.com
Press contact: press@hornet.com

About AI Music

AI Music is a category-defining music company with a mission to change how we create, consume and interact with music. Founded in 2016, the company is pioneering the use of adaptive audio to enable brands and platforms to create deeper connections with their audiences through the power of music. Their technology harnesses the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to infinitely scale and adapt human creativity. 

To find out more, please visit: www.aimusic.co.uk
Press contact: Daga Pajduszewska daga@aimusic.co.uk

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