Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Is a Futuristic Cyberpunk World Full of Body-Swapping, Nudity and Sex

Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Is a Futuristic Cyberpunk World Full of Body-Swapping, Nudity and Sex

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Editors Note: This post contains very minor, but very sexy spoilers from Season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon.’

Netflix’s latest series, Altered Carbon, based off of the Richard K. Morgan novel of the same name, takes place 350 years in the future. It centers around Takeshi Kovacs, who is awoken 250 years after his ‘death.’

In this future world, human consciousness is stored on “stacks,” which are devices inserted into the neck. A human body, which they refer to as a sleeve, is treated as something disposable. As long as your “stack” remains intact, it can be put into a new sleeve. Sleeves can be purchased, with bodies that feature better attributes like physical fitness (or a bigger dick) costing more money.

The series follows Kovacs attempt to solve a murder and earn his freedom.

Check out all of the Altered Carbon nudity below and revel in the glory (and sexiness) that is Joel Kinnaman.

We’re first introduced to Takeshi Kovacs in his new “sleeve,” covered in a bunch slime. Really makes you think if a gunge fetish is slowly growing inside you.

But alas, he showers away the slime. Also, someone fire that camera man for backing away from his booty.

Yes, Joel, we’re also panting heavily.

Even when he’s struggling, he knows how to flex 207,986 muscles at once.


Feature image courtesy of Netflix, Altered Carbon

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