This Aspiring Stripper Stabbed His Gay Roommate 16 Times in ‘Self-Defense’

This Aspiring Stripper Stabbed His Gay Roommate 16 Times in ‘Self-Defense’

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A bodybuilder and aspiring stripper has pleaded not guilty after attacking his 50-year-old roommate.

Geoffrey Tracy claims he stabbed Greg Kanczes some 16 times in August in self-defense, after Kanczes made repeated sexual advances on him in the Hell’s Kitchen apartment they shared. Tracy, 25, accused Kanczes of regularly stroking his leg and “molesting him” while he was asleep. So, at around 4.50am on August 14, Tracy stabbed his roommate with a kitchen knife in the neck, chest, shoulder and ribs. He then fled the apartment and disposed of the weapon.

Kanzces was taken to the hospital in critical condition but survived.

Greg Kanczes was stabbed in the chest, neck and shoulder.

After his arrest, Tracey told police he acted in self-defense and had a recording of the assault on his iPhone.
‘I’m so glad I filmed it. In case I had to stab him, I filmed it,” he said. He initially claimed that Kanczes owned a gun and had threatened him with it, but he later changed his story to say he didn’t see any weapon and that he had taken a “vape of THC” before attacking his roommate.

Tracey’s attorney, Thomas Kenniff, said his muscular client was “defenseless” against a man who is twice his age and half his size.

“Mr Tracy is a gentle soul, who like many attractive young men and women, fell victim to predators seeking to exploit him for his good looks and take advantage of his youthful naivete.”

But at a hearing on Wednesday, a friend described Kanczes as someone “having a very calm demeanor as a peaceful person — not someone who could be involved in something like this and not somebody whose behavior would case a rational person to stab him 16 times.”

Kanczes had been facing financial difficulties and was known to have taken in drifters for extra cash. Tracy had reportedly come to New York from California after being wooed by a club owner who promised easy money stripping at a gay bar.

Tracy, who has more than 10,000 followers on Instgram, rejected a plea deal and now faces possible life in prison without the hope of parole.

Would you let an aspiring stripper you didn’t know move in with you?

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