Hornet Users Can Now Award Posts

Hornet Users Can Now Award Posts

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With new in-app currency Honey, users can incentivize their favorite content creators

Sept. 14, 2020, LOS ANGELES — With the launch of Version 6.11, Hornet users are now able to use Honey, a new virtual in-app currency, to give awards to exemplary posts in the feed, encouraging favorite creators to keep making the Hornet community better.

Giving an award is a way to show appreciation for an exceptional contribution to Hornet. A user can award someone by clicking on the award icon below the post in their feed. Various awards have different Honey denominations, which will give the creator higher credits and the sender more attention.

Awards are credited to creators with Hornet Points, just like Hornet community contributors in programs like beta testing, translation, or moderators who receive such credits from Hornet itself. These Hornet Points can then be redeemed in the Hornet Shop into various perks or cash.

Users can access both their Honey as well as their Hornet Point balances from their profile, and easily navigate to the Hornet Shop to check out redeemable products as well as other merchandise available for sale with Points or Cash. The Hornet Shop is also directly accessible here.

Find more information about Honey, awards and Hornet Points at hornet.com/awards.

Hornet plans to expand on the Honey in-app virtual currency in upcoming releases and is currently testing various scenarios to use Honey for awards and microtransactions.

Honey and Hornet Points are replacing LGBT Token, a previously launched in-app currency based on blockchain, which proved difficult to handle for most users and was severely curtailed in its use by Apple and Google’s app store policies, as well as various governments’ regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. LGBT Token has been deprecated within Hornet and LGBT Token balances have been converted into Hornet Points for future redemption.

Hornet Version 6.11 is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and on the web at hornet.com.


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