These Custom-Made Oversized Bath Bombs Come With a, Uh, Special Surprise Inside

These Custom-Made Oversized Bath Bombs Come With a, Uh, Special Surprise Inside

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God bless Etsy, right? Only on the indie marketplace platform could you launch a site-wide search for hippy-dippy phrases like “hand-crocheted mittens,” “vintage tapestry weaving set” or “rustic single-origin wooden toothbrush holder” and actually turn up results. And, as I only recently learned, Etsy is also your best bet for custom-made, oversized bath bombs that feature a special surprise inside.

Seller Surprise Bath Bomb Shop on Etsy is a purveyor of, you guessed it, bath bombs, but these aren’t the kind you’re likely to find at the mall. Because unlike those run-of-the-mill bath bombs you’ll find at all sorts of shops and boutiques specializing in soaps and scented things, these dissolving wonders have surprises pressed into their centers that only reveal themselves after use.

We’re loving these bath bombs with an LGBTQ theme!

The Surprise Pendant Fizzy Bath Bomb, available for a cool $50, comes with a glass heart pendant inside that only reveals itself — and its surprise color — after you’ve dunked it in the tub. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day gift, no?

But then there’s this other, $100 custom bath bomb. It’s got a surprise inside that’s so unexpected, you probably shouldn’t stock up on these to say “Thanks for everything, Mom!” Made to order and available in all sorts of color and scent options, these bath bombs are, according to the shop, “the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who you want to give surprise butt stuff to.”

It’s a butt plug, y’all. The special surprise inside the bath bomb is a butt plug.

A shot of the butt plug being placed inside the bath bomb

The shop says each of these bath bombs is about the size of a softball. (Like we said, they’re oversized, so hopefully your giftee has a giant tub.) The bath bomb has to be big enough to hold its special surprise, after all, and vice versa, the butt plug inside — made of hand-blown Borosilicate glass and available in all sorts of colors — isn’t exactly gigantic.

In the shop’s words, the sex toys inside these bath bombs are “beginners size.”

So the next time you find yourself on the hunt for the perfect gift — again, not for mom — head over to the Surprise Bath Bomb Shop on Etsy. They’ve got the perfect way to surprise your friend or family member and, as an added bonus, maybe even make them super uncomfortable.

Head here to purchase these Custom Butt Plug Bath Bombs. You’re welcome.

Images courtesy of Surprise Bath Bomb Shop

This article was originally published on October 14, 2020. It has since been updated.

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