Let’s Stop Trump From Sending an Anti-Trans Activist to a UN Women’s Commission

Let’s Stop Trump From Sending an Anti-Trans Activist to a UN Women’s Commission

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Donald Trump is at it again. (Because when is he ever not?) Trump picked his delegate for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women — and it’s anti-trans activist Bethany Kozma. However, OutRight Action International has just set up a Bethany Kozma petition to ask Trump to rescind his appointment.


Who is Bethany Kozma?

Bethany Kozma has a history of transphobia. She’s been a big supporter of “bathroom bills,” arguing there’s a link between sexual predation and trans people being able to pee. She also said that a gender services clinic in Seattle would be “a place where our children will be sterilized.”

She’s also worked with groups like the Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Why you should sign the Bethany Kozma petition

Kozma is a particularly poor choice for the UN Commission on the Status of Women. As part of the official U.S. delegation, she will have a role in choosing the language that ultimately is used in an important UN document. That document will outline what the UN will do for women’s rights over the next year.

Rashima Kwatra of OutRight Action International told Hornet about the campaign. She said:

The end goal is really to raise awareness to the fact that the Trump administration has, for two years in a row, appointed anti-LGBTIQ delegates to represent the United States at a meeting meant to advance the rights of all women. If Kozma is not removed from the delegation we hope that at least they limit her role as a negotiator.

Kwatra points out this isn’t the first time Trump’s appointed an anti-LGBTQ delegate:

Last year, the administration put C-fam, a known LGBT hate group, on the delegation, and with media attention, our petition, and meetings with Nikki Haley, we were assured that they would not again be part of a future delegation. In fact, the head of C-Fam tweeted about our critique of Kozma yesterday, calling us a “radical gay group” that is attacking a “Christian woman” representing the U.S. 


Sign OutRight Action International’s Bethany Kozma petition here.

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