Hornet Exclusive: Boomer Banks Is Making the Move to Condomless Porn

Hornet Exclusive: Boomer Banks Is Making the Move to Condomless Porn

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A prolific adult performer that has cultivated a passionate fan base, Boomer Banks is creative, artistic and community-minded. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s the epitome of sexy. A designer, activist and performer, he now can add filmmaker to that list. Boomer Banks is now making his own adult films, and those films are condomless.

This is his first time making condomless porn, and there’s no doubt these new films will give people plenty to talk about. We spoke with Boomer Banks about his new productions, the decision to go condomless, and his sexual fantasies.

Boomer Banks (left) with Adam Ramzi in a scene for CockyBoys

HORNET: Tell me more about your new adult film studio BoomBoXXX. How did it come about? 

BOOMER BANKS: After Cockyboys there wasn’t anything I hadn’t done. My bosses have allowed me to grow in a genuine light. We talked about how we could continue to work with each other, and the conversation quickly evolved into me producing. I knew what that would entail on my end, and that it would be a journey — something where I evolved right in front of your eyes. BoomBoXXX spoke to me as something loud, playful, sexy and fluid.

You bring a unique perspective to the films you make. How will your films stand out from other films?  

I‘m not quite sure yet, but this will be a journey. Boomer thus far has already seized your attention, and now I invite you to join me as I, as a performer, create something for fans and I also create a space for expression for my peers.

What was behind your decision to do condomless porn? 

With so much stigma surrounding this topic, I wanted it to be a healthy part of the evolution into condomless porn, and I’m for ending the stigma. There is nothing wrong with either, but the reality is that both are subjects of equal value to the queer community. My new studio is about the performer and bringing openness and honesty into this industry, with less stigma and prejudice.

There are many perfectly safe options for being a performer nowadays, and we need to discuss that openly. Plus, I relate more to ’70s and ’80s porn, and that might be the direction I am taking.

For some people in the industry it’s still a big deal to do condomless porn. Why do you think that is?  

I know personally it’s out of fear, misguidance and a lack of education. “Once you know better, you do better.”

Much of condomless porn today seems centered on the act of “barebacking,” but your films are different. It reminds me of classic porn, when it was just about guys having sex. What made you decide to go in that direction? 

I’m a connection-based performer, be that good or bad. This allows me to decide what kind of performance I will be giving. That being said, it’s my production now, so no more bad. Only good. A good connection comes from physical attraction, energy and honest conversation. I don’t know about you, but when you hit all those G-spots, I am ready to go!

At this point everything has been discussed, including status, and this is when me and my partner as adults make a decision. I’ve never been an NSA-type slut. This slut wants to talk, kiss and make eye contact (but undoubtedly still a slut). So it makes for good, slutty footage. I’ve done this with or without a condom.

How do we get more men of color behind the camera in the porn industry, as directors, producers, and more? 

A big part of it is seeking out performers. Also, allowing them to be themselves. No typecasting, just letting them be their genuine selves.

When people watch your films, what do you want their experience to be? 

I want them to feel empowered in a sexy, fun and free way. No shame is my goal. A queer, slutty, empowered human experience. That is why I shoot most of my stills with a Polaroid camera. The film captures that raw, old-school vintage feel that I grew up watching before all the stigma that occurred.

What part of your own sexual fantasies can people expect to see in your films?

My slutty passion for connections. I shake when this happens. It’s like I can’t stop cumming. Some are satisfied with “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” but I’m not a fan of short fantasies. I want to explore more, more, more.

What kind of porn do you like to watch?

Drag Race.

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