Ouch! UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Just Ripped His Scrotum in Half With a Hand Drill

Ouch! UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Just Ripped His Scrotum in Half With a Hand Drill

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Almost any comedic movie or TV show involving guns has a scene where someone, trying to be cool, sticks their gun in their waistband and either shoots themselves in the junk or almost does. While comedies aren’t usually the best places to pick up wisdom, UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell should have paid a bit more attention. While doing some work, he stored his drill in his pants. It went off, and mutilated his scrotum — which is not so very hilarious in reality.

Bryce Mitchell posted an explanation on Twitter yesterday afternoon. It seems he was doing some repairs, and held a board over his head with the hand drill stored in his waistband. The drill accidentally went off, and, as he put it, “tangled my nuts up in it. I dropped the board and reversed the drill and untangled my nutsack, but [it] was ripped in half.”

We’re impressed he had the presence of mind to reverse the drill. Thankfully, it sounds like Mitchell will be OK after the injury, and he’s in good spirits.

He even poked fun at himself, writing “And if I hear any shitty puns about how … this is ‘nutty’ or ‘screwed up,’ I ain’t talking to you for about a month. If you’re gonna drop a pun to make fun of me, at least put some thought into it, LOL.”

Bryce Mitchell makes a high-kick; a move he won’t be attempting for a while.

After sharing the incident, UFC fans came out in support. He retweeted a few jokes — we like this one from Shaheen Al-Shatti, senior editor of MMAFighting.com, who said, “I have no idea how he has a sense of humor about this, but if Bryce Mitchell doesn’t get an underwear sponsorship out of today, there’s something serious wrong with the world. I’m never touching a drill again.”

Underwear brand MeUndies reached out to tell him they’d be sending him a new pair, as did Diamond MMA, a company that makes groin protection for professional fighters.

As for the bloody undies themselves? Though people suggested Bryce Mitchell auction them off, he says, “That’s a good pair. I’mma bleach ’em and keep wearin’ ’em.” We can relate — there’s nothing more comfy than your favorite pair of underwear.

See Bryce Mitchell’s bloody undies below:

Have you ever had a similar injury to what Bryce Mitchell is going through now?

Featured image by Jeff Bottari via Getty Images

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