The Daily Sting, Friday: Did You See Chris Pine’s Penis? And a Rainbow Flag Thief Busted

The Daily Sting, Friday: Did You See Chris Pine’s Penis? And a Rainbow Flag Thief Busted

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TGIF, everyone! Now, before we say adios to the week, let’s take a look at some of the day’s top gay headlines, starting with something we reported on back in September — that Chris Pine full-frontal scene in Outlaw King is out on Netflix. And a guy who stole a rainbow flag from a church six times has officially been busted, and he’ll possibly face hate crime charges.

In other news, Dexter star Michael C. Hall has opened up about his sexuality, Brazilian drag sensation Pabllo Vittar has dropped a new music video and a Thai soldier was arrested for the unspeakable act of raping dozens of underage guys.

From that Chris Pine full-frontal scene to a rainbow flag thief apprehended, here are the day’s big headlines:

1. That Chris Pine Full-Frontal Scene Is Here, and … Meh (Film)

We’ve been counting the days til today, when Outlaw King, the new Chris Pine film, was finally released on Netflix. We’ve known since September, when the film debuted at the Toronto International Film Fest, that a Chris Pine full-frontal scene was found therein, and it was all people were talking about following the film’s first screening. Well, we’ve seen it. (And you can, too, by fast-forwarding to the film’s 01:27:00 mark.) And while we were hopeful for a scene that truly broke down the Hollywood double-standard that means we get tons of boobs but no penis, it was a letdown. The naked-in-the-water scene is shot from far away, and shadows cover most of Pine’s junk. So we’re still holding out for a hero: that A-list male actor with no qualms about letting it all hang out and thereby destroying the patriarchy!

2. New York Guy busted for Stealing Church’s Rainbow Flag Six Times (News)

The first time Ronald Witt, 21, stole the rainbow flag from a church in Long Island was in July. Then it happened again in September, then three times in October and then again just this past week. Now, thanks to the police setting up a camera to catch the thief, Witt is facing hate crime charges. According to prosecutors, Witt told police he “didn’t want to see a gay flag on a church.” Now, here’s hoping he won’t be seeing much besides bars. Read more here.

3. Thai Soldier Accused of Luring Young Boys Through Social Media Platforms (News)


Police officers have officially arrested a Thai soldier accused of faking social media accounts to lure young men. He apparently catfished over 75 guys, nearly 30 of whom were underage between 13–18. This all happened in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen, northeast of Bangkok. Police are saying he won their trust over the Chinese gay dating app Blued and Facebook, got them to send him their naked pictures, arranged to meet up and then, when they realized they’d been catfished, threatened to blackmail them by making their nude photos public. Read more here.

4. Dexter Actor Michael C Hall Opens Up About His ‘Not Entirely Straight’ Sexuality (Celebrities)

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Dexter actor Michael C. Hall opened up about his personal sexuality. He ascribes to the idea of the Kinsey scale, in which everyone falls somewhere on a spectrum from fully homosexual to heterosexual. “I think there’s a spectrum. I am on it. I’m heterosexual. But if there was a percentage, I would say I was not all the way heterosexual,” he says. The topic arose because Hall is currently playing a pansexual character in the play Thom Pain (Based On Nothing). Read more here.

5. Pabllo Vittar Releases Music Video for ‘Super Drags’ Theme Song (Music)

With more YouTube subscribers and Insta followers than just about any drag queen in the world (yep, including RuPaul), Pabllo Vittar is kinda closer to a drag version of Britney Spears than just a Portuguese-speaking Drag Race star. Today Vittar dropped the music video for “Highlight,” which is also the theme for new Netflix animated series Super Drags, in which Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Shangela and Willam star. The series was created in Brazil, and Vittar’s song (above) is in her native tongue.

Have you seen the Chris Pine full-frontal scene? What’d you think?

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