The Daily Sting, Friday: Amy Schumer in Cuffs, Gaga on Kavanaugh, Gayest ‘Jeopardy’ Moment Ever

The Daily Sting, Friday: Amy Schumer in Cuffs, Gaga on Kavanaugh, Gayest ‘Jeopardy’ Moment Ever

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TGIF! Now, before you let your weekend get the best of you, read up on the day’s queerest headlines. Last night we saw Lady Gaga weigh in on the Kavanaugh drama stirring up Washington while promoting her new film A Star Is Born, and earlier in the day we saw Amy Schumer arrested for protesting the very same!

We’ve also got some great news out of Tokyo, some sad news out of New York City, and possibly the last person you’d expect to see on TV’s Jeopardy made a guest appearance … kinda.

Lady Gaga speaks out and Amy Schumer arrested — all part of Friday’s top headlines:

1. Lady Gaga Voices Support for Dr. Ford on Late Night (Celebrities)

In support of her feature film debut, A Star Is Born (in theaters today), Lady Gaga stopped by Stephen Colbert’s late-night show and unleashed a fiery tirade against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. “What I have seen on the news with this debate of Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford, it’s one of the most upsetting things I have ever witnessed.” Disgusted at Trump’s treatment of Dr. Ford, Gaga insists the judge’s accuser should be believed, offering her own take on how personal trauma affects the brain and a person’s livelihood. “When this woman saw that Judge Kavanaugh was going to be possibly put in the highest position of power in the judicial system of this country, she was triggered, and that box [of personal trauma] opened … she was brave enough to share it with the world to protect this country,” Gaga — herself a victim of sexual assault — told Colbert.

2. In Advance of 2020 Olympics, Tokyo Bans LGBTQ Discrimination (News, World)

Just today Tokyo’s local government passed a bill that disallows discrimination against LGBTQ people. The newfound law is seen as a step forward in advance of the city hosting the 2020 Olympic games, specifically banning “any sort of discrimination as stated in the Olympic Charter … [including] gender identity or sexual orientation.” While Japan has no nationwide legislation barring anti-LGBTQ discrimination and doesn’t recognize gay marriages at a national level, in Tokyo same-sex marriage is recognized.

Read the full story by Human Rights Watch here

3. Amy Schumer Arrested While Protesting to #CancelKavanaugh (NewsCelebrities)

Nearly 300 people were arrested in Washington, D.C., yesterday while protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, and among them were two names you may be familiar with: comedian and actress Amy Schumer and model/actress Emily Ratajkowski. Before their arrest the women stood with Sen. Kirsten Gilibrand outside the Supreme Court, who spoke out against the recent FBI investigation into Kavanaugh’s abuse of women, calling it “cover for those who don’t want to look at the truth.” There were so many arrests yesterday that instead of handcuffs or zip-ties, some arrestees (including Schumer) were given wristbands. Always quick with a quip, Schumer reportedly joked that hers was “for drinking.”

4. NYC Says Goodbye to Queer Icon Ms. Colombia (Culture)

She’s been described as “a New York legend” and one of the city’s most creative characters, but Osvaldo Gomez, better known as Ms. Colombia, was found dead earlier this week in the waters off of Queens, New York. Foul play is not suspected. Always found sporting colorful, eccentric outfits, Ms. Colombia studied law in her native Colombia and traveled to NYC to escape violence in her homeland. She was also an HIV activist who identified as “a human being from another planet.”

Many LGBTQ New Yorkers have been paying their respects via social media, and NYC Councilmember Daniel Dromm had this to say: “While life did not always treat Ms. Colombia with all the respect she was due, New Yorkers will remember Ms. Colombia as a hero to everyone.” A vigil is planned for tonight at Jax Heights Post Office (37th Ave & 78th St). Ms. Colombia was 64 years old.

Read the full story by PinkNews here.

5. Gay Jeopardy Contestant Goes Viral With Alyssa Edwards Reference (Drag, TV)

Jeopardy contestant Doug Dodson is quite the ham, as you’ll see when you watch the above compiled clips put together by the show. Another thing we’re sure of: this gay Jeopardy contestant is quite the RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. During Final Jeopardy it appears Dodson didn’t have the correct answer (er, question, because it’s Jeopardy), and he instead decided to pay homage to one of his favorite queens, Alyssa Edwards, writing “What is Backrolls?!” instead, complete with the ‘mouth agape head turn’ that accompanied the line on Drag Race Season 5. The viral TV moment was even met with a response from the Texas-based drag queen herself!

And speaking of Alyssa Edwards, his brand-new Netflix series Dancing Queen — about life as a queen and dance studio owner — started streaming today. Oh, and in case you were wondering, even though Dodson didn’t get the Final Jeopardy question correct, he still won the episode. Because this gay Jeopardy contestant is what? Sickening!

Did you see Amy Schumer arrested? Do you agree with Lady Gaga? And is that not the best gay Jeopardy moment ever?

Featured image of Amy Schumer courtesy of Getty

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