The Daily Sting, Thursday: Facebook Still Screws LGBTQ People, New ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Heathers’ Details

The Daily Sting, Thursday: Facebook Still Screws LGBTQ People, New ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Heathers’ Details

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New day, new headlines. Here’s your condensed look at Thursday’s most important (and most queer) stories, from a new report saying Facebook is continuing to treat LGBTQ people like crap to a mixup among the Log Cabin Republicans. Plus, in entertainment news, we’ve got deets on a new Star Wars TV series and once again a premiere date for Paramount’s controversial Heathers reboot.

From Facebook LGBTQ issues to new Star Wars, here are Thursday’s top headlines:

1. Why Does Facebook Continue to Screw With LGBTQ People? (News)

A report from the Washington Post has concluded that Facebook has been blocking many “gay-themed ads” under its new advertising policy. Apparently they’ve been deemed “political” (despite having nothing to do with advocacy or anything political), and unsurprisingly the LGBTQ community is pissed. The Post uncovered that ads were blocked when they mentioning “gay stuff” kept in a public Facebook database. And The Post brought receipts, providing a screenshot of a Facebook employee saying about an ad, “It mentions LGBT which would fall under the category of civil rights which is a political topic.”

This of course isn’t the first time Facebook has screwed over the LGBTQ community, as the platform has a long history of rather shady conduct. In August Hornet reported that Facebook was targeting young queer people with ads for conversion therapy, and last month we reported that Facebook recently donated nearly $1 million to anti-LGBTQ politicians. So no, Facebook, giving us a “Pride react” in June ain’t gonna cut it.

Read the full WaPo story here

2. We Just Got a Tease of the New Star Wars TV Series (TV)

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