The Daily Sting, Thursday: Facebook Still Screws LGBTQ People, New ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Heathers’ Details

The Daily Sting, Thursday: Facebook Still Screws LGBTQ People, New ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Heathers’ Details

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New day, new headlines. Here’s your condensed look at Thursday’s most important (and most queer) stories, from a new report saying Facebook is continuing to treat LGBTQ people like crap to a mixup among the Log Cabin Republicans. Plus, in entertainment news, we’ve got deets on a new Star Wars TV series and once again a premiere date for Paramount’s controversial Heathers reboot.

From Facebook LGBTQ issues to new Star Wars, here are Thursday’s top headlines:

1. Why Does Facebook Continue to Screw With LGBTQ People? (News)

A report from the Washington Post has concluded that Facebook has been blocking many “gay-themed ads” under its new advertising policy. Apparently they’ve been deemed “political” (despite having nothing to do with advocacy or anything political), and unsurprisingly the LGBTQ community is pissed. The Post uncovered that ads were blocked when they mentioning “gay stuff” kept in a public Facebook database. And The Post brought receipts, providing a screenshot of a Facebook employee saying about an ad, “It mentions LGBT which would fall under the category of civil rights which is a political topic.”

This of course isn’t the first time Facebook has screwed over the LGBTQ community, as the platform has a long history of rather shady conduct. In August Hornet reported that Facebook was targeting young queer people with ads for conversion therapy, and last month we reported that Facebook recently donated nearly $1 million to anti-LGBTQ politicians. So no, Facebook, giving us a “Pride react” in June ain’t gonna cut it.

Read the full WaPo story here

2. We Just Got a Tease of the New Star Wars TV Series (TV)

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There are multiple Star Wars films current in the works and several TV shows in the pipeline as well, but yesterday we got a preview of the first-up new Star Wars series, written by sometimes-actor-turned-serious-Hollywood-player Jon Favreau. The series will be called The Mandalorian, and Favreau posted the above synopsis on his Insta. The new Star Wars series is set to debut on Disney’s streaming platform, launching in late 2019.

3. Death Penalty an Option for Couple Responsible for 10-Year-Old’s Murder (News)

Anthony Avalos; photo: Justice for Anthony/Facebook

It’s one of the saddest stories in recent memory: back in June, police were investigating the death of 10-year-old Anthony Avalos, found dead in his home with severe head injuries and cigarette burns. The child had just ‘come out’ as gay in the weeks prior. Anthony’s mother and her live-in boyfriend, Heather Barron and Kareem Leiva, have been charged with his murder, and after new charges were just filed claiming his death was “intentional and involved the infliction of torture,” they are both now eligible for the death penalty.

The L.A. Times back in July reported on some of the brutal torture Anthony Avalos endured at the hands of those adults, but frankly it’s too heartbreaking to spell out here, so head there to read about it if you’re so inclined.

4. After 6 Years, the Log Cabin Republicans’ President Is Stepping Down (Politics)

Tuesday saw the Log Cabin Republicans’ annual Spirit of Lincoln dinner take place in Washington, D.C., and it was at the event that Gregory Angelo, the org’s president, announced he’ll be stepping down after six years in office. “When I started at Log Cabin Republicans, I had stated to myself that what this organization needed more than anything was stability in its executive leadership — something Log Cabin Republicans had lacked for probably the better part of a decade,” Angelo tells the Washington Blade. “Having said that, I made a vow to head this organization for at least four, but no more than six years, and this is the sixth year. It’s time to grow.”

Read the full story at the Blade here

5. Paramount’s Controversial Heathers Series Gets a New Premiere Date (TV)

This just in: After months of being unsure whether Paramount’s controversial reboot of 1989 cult classic Heathers would ever see the light of day, we now know it’s coming to the small screen after all with an Oct. 25 premiere date. The announcement was made courtesy of original film star Shannen Doherty, who opens the teaser above by saying, “Hey, all you Heathers, Veronicas, JDs, jacuzzi turds and cross-eyed dumpster cats….” (As if we didn’t love her already!) The series will air over five nights, which means you should dig out your TV binging pants and prepare thyself!

Are you stoked for the new Star Wars TV series? And WTF are we gonna do with Facebook?