The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Gays Can’t Buy Cake Anywhere, a Huge Honor for Drake

The Daily Sting, Wednesday: Gays Can’t Buy Cake Anywhere, a Huge Honor for Drake

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We’re halfway to the weekend, and here are the headlines you need to know on Wednesday, Oct. 10. We’ll start with the UK cake case that has let down the gay community.

Also in the day’s top stories, the theme of the 2019 Met Gala has been announced, and it’s a doozy, Canada is only one week away from legalized marijuana, Spotify has released a few “greatest of all time” lists and Azealia Banks is fighting … again … with someone new. And you’ll never believe who it is.

From the UK cake case to an honor for Drake, here are the day’s top headlines:

1. UK Cake Case Allows Shop Owners Not to Bake Gay Cakes (News)

Photo: Paul Faith / AFP / Getty

A four-year-old dispute was put to rest today as the Supreme Court of the UK ruled Ashers Baking Company was not guilty of discrimination by refusing to bake a “gay cake.” The UK cake case — in which an LGBTQ activist walked into a Northern Ireland bake shop and asked for a cake celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia — had its decision read in London this morning. “The bakers’ objection was to the message and not to the man,” President of the Supreme Court Lady Hale read, finding the bakery was within its right to refuse the bake. “It is deeply humiliating, and an affront to human dignity, to deny someone a service because of that person’s race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any of the other protected personal characteristics. But that is not what happened in this case.”

Read the fully story by Pink News here.

2. The 2019 Met Gala Got Its Theme, and It’s Pretty Campy (Style & Stuff)

Photo of Gucci Fall 2016 by Getty Images

On display from May 9–Sept. 8, the next exhibition coming to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute will be Camp: Notes on Fashion, with the world-famous Met Gala taking that same theme. Andrew Bolton, curator in charge of the Costume Institute, tells Vogue he felt a camp theme “would have a lot of cultural resonance,” describing it as “style at the expense of content” and “love of the unnatural.” Personally we just can’t wait to see what the stars squeeze themselves into this time.

Read the full story by Vogue here.

3. Spotify Releases GOAT Lists in Honor of 10th Anniversary (Music)

Photo: Roger Goodgroves / Rex / Shutterstock

So many of us have a hard time imagining listening to music without Spotify, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. And in honor of the milestone, the streaming service has released several greatest-of-all-time lists it’s calling “Decade of Discovery.” Topping the most important list, of the most globally streamed artists of all time, is Drake, followed by Ed Sheeran, Eminem, The Weeknd and Rihanna. The Barbadian pop princess tops a couple lists herself, those for the most streamed female artist and the very first artist to reach 1 billion streams.

Read the full story by Variety here.

4. Canada Is a Week Away From Legal Pot, But Will Locals Be Disappointed? (News)

Those who are planning a road trip to the Great Up North may want to re-think their plans. Yes, it’s true that Canada is a week away from getting legalized marijuana nationwide (thanks, dreamboat Justin Trudeau), making it the second (and largest) country with a legal marketplace, but only a small number of retail spots will be up and running for the big day on Oct. 17. Only one store in all of British Columbia will be up and running on that day, and zero in Ontario, Canada’s most populated province.

A word to the wise to Canadians who wish to travel to the United States at some point after Oct. 17: If you buy pot legally in Canada, use cash, as American border patrol agents have threatened not to allow in pot-smoking Canadians, and those agents are able to check credit card purchases if they’re stored on American servers.

Read more at Joe.My.God. here.

5. Azealia Banks Is Now Feuding With None Other Than Lana Del Rey (Celebrities)

By this point Azealia Banks has quite the track record of beef with other artists, and the latest to end up on Banks’ shit list is Lana Del Rey. The two have been exchanging barbs on Twitter this week. It all started when Lana Del Rey penned a pointed missive about Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump, to which Banks replied, “Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware.” After a few days of silence, Lana Del Rey went for the jugular: “U know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t. … I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.”

The two went back and forth, and Banks has said she’s “talking to my lawyer.”

What do you think of the day’s big headlines — are you disappointed by the UK cake case and excited for Drake?

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