The Daily Sting, Wednesday: U.S. Midterms Bring Rainbow Wave, Ezra Miller Says #MeToo

The Daily Sting, Wednesday: U.S. Midterms Bring Rainbow Wave, Ezra Miller Says #MeToo

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Well, the U.S. midterms are officially in the rearview mirror, despite a few races throughout the country still being contested. Even so, it was a great night for LGBT candidates in the United States. In other news today, Ezra Miller has shared a #MeToo story about an unnamed director and producer.

In other news today, we’ve officially gotten a glimpse of Homer Simpson in drag, and — because we just love schadenfreude — a guy who’s a big proponent of conversion therapy has been busted for (you can probably guess) soliciting sex on a gay hookup site!

From the U.S. midterms’ rainbow wave to Ezra Miller’s sad tale of underage sexual harassment, here are today’s queerest headlines:

1. U.S. Midterms Welcome Several LGBT Candidates to State and National Office (Politics)

Jared Polis

It was a night that had most Americans on pins and needles, and while yesterday’s ultimate outcome can be debated as a great win for Dems or a win for the GOP and Trump’s policies, it was without a doubt a huge win for the LGBTQ community. Among some of yesterday’s strides: Brian Sims, a member of Congress out of Pennsylvania, was re-elected; Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin’s openly lesbian Senator, did as well; Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who made a name for herself by refusing gay couples marriage licenses was unseated; gay Congressmen took seats in New Hampshire, Texas and elsewhere; a gay man, Jared Polis, was elected governor of Colorado; and Zach Wahls, who ‘went viral’ for a 2011 speech advocating for gay marriage on behalf of his lesbian mothers, won a state senate seat in Iowa.

2. We’ve Got a First Glimpse at Homer Simpson in Drag (TV, Drag)

We reported in late October that an upcoming episode of The Simpsons would feature RuPaul and Drag Race Season 3 winner Raja, and now we’ve gotten our first look at the family patriarch all done up in a wig and makeup. The episode, about Marge pretending to be a drag queen to sell more Tupperware, is set to air on Nov. 18.

3. Conversion Therapy Proponent Busted Trolling for Sex on Manhunt (News)

Like Lady MacBeth who doth protest too much, Norman Goldwasser, a Miami Beach-based therapist who’s a proponent of conversion therapy to turn gay people straight, has fessed up to being a big ol’ homo himself. He kinda had to after it was uncovered that Goldwasser could be found on the gay hookup site Manhunt under the name “Hotnhairy72,” where he was seeking anonymous sex.

4. European Video Game Champion Banned for His Use of Homophobic Slurs (Gaming)

Speaking of people who have gotten their comeuppance, Tassal Rushan is a London-based video professional video gamer who’s considered a European champion when it comes to the soccer game FIFA. He won’t be playing anymore, though, as EA Sports, the company behind the game, has banned him for his use of the word “fag” to describe Inter Milan player Matías Vecino. He took to YouTube to announce his ban and defending his use of the word. See the full story here.

5. Ezra Miller Shares #MeToo Story of Hollywood Slimeballs (Celebrities)

A profile of Ezra Miller (the actor who plays The Flash in DC Comics‘ film empire) was recently profiled by The Hollywood Reporter, and in that piece he describes his own #MeToo moment. “They gave me wine and I was underaged [speaking about unnamed Hollywood execs]. They were like, ‘Hey, want to be in our movie about gay revolution?’ And I was like, ‘No, you guys are monsters.’”

Ezra Miller also confirmed that he identifies as queer, not as male or female. “Queer just means no, I don’t do that. I don’t identify as a man. I don’t identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human,” he says.

Are you happy with the U.S. midterms results? And what about Ezra Miller shirking off labels of man and woman?

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