Delta Is Investigating a Flight Attendant Who Filmed His In-Air Romp With a Gay Porn Star

Delta Is Investigating a Flight Attendant Who Filmed His In-Air Romp With a Gay Porn Star

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The “mile-high sex session” is a novel idea that gets thrown around quite a lot in conversation but rarely if ever happens. How could it when bathroom lavatories are so damn small and uncomfortable even for a single person? But they do happen — oh, yes, they do. Just look at the Delta flight attendant currently being investigated by the airline for an in-air romp with a certain gay porn star.

How’d the airline find out? Well, the couple filmed their sex session while the Delta flight attendant was wearing his uniform. A not-so-smart move, it turns out.

Clips of the steamy sex between the Delta flight attendant and gay porn star Austin Wolf (link to his Twitter very NSFW) — an eight-minute-long encounter, according to The Daily Mail — were posted to Twitter, though we didn’t see them ourselves and apparently they’ve since been removed.

This airplane lavatory looks downright HUGE compared to some we’ve been in!

Apparently the Delta flight attendant was off-duty but the airline isn’t too pleased that he was still sporting what we assume was his white shirt and red tie. The Daily Mail is reporting the employee has been suspended pending a more thorough investigation into his breach of the company’s standards.

It’s being suggested the clips were discovered by coworkers of the Delta flight attendant, and that Austin Wolf was easily identifiable thanks to his tattoos, which include a tribal band around his belly button and several distinguishable tatts on his arms.

Gay porn star Austin Wolf

The Delta flight attendant is reportedly claiming he had no idea the airplane bathroom sex was being filmed — rather hard to believe — and had no part in releasing the clips on Twitter.

“This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or traveling as passengers on Delta aircraft,” says a Delta rep in a statement. “We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation.”

What do you think of this Delta flight attendant’s in-air romp with Austin Wolf? Worth it or nah?

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