Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Chelsea Handler on ‘Will & Grace,’ Bigoted Republicans and Trump’s Star

Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Chelsea Handler on ‘Will & Grace,’ Bigoted Republicans and Trump’s Star

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Happy Sunday! It’s brunch time. Don’t be dumb. What would the week be without a couple of stories involving our favorite president? (That’s sarcasm, by the way.) It’s more fun talking about Will & Grace and Frasier. Plus, if you don’t know “mama bear” Sara Cunningham, you should. And our Whack Job of the Week? If you’ve been watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show, Who Is America?, you might know who it is this week. See if you’re right in our weekly conversational news round-up.

Here are the week’s 5 news stories that’ll keep you looking well-informed at brunch:

1. Walk of Shame

Well it’s happened again. Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been reduced to rubble. Its latest destroyer did a pretty stellar job making it look like trash — some may call it an upgrade. In fact, Austin Clay worked up a pretty decent sweat making sure the star was destroyed and you can see that in the video of him smashing it — he’s got some pick axe game.

Austin was arrested but do you want to know the sweet, beautiful twist? He was bailed out! And you’ll never guess by whom. (Nope — not Hillary.) James Otis, the gent that first destroyed Trump’s star in 2016, is also the guy that just happened to bail out his fellow star basher Austin Clay. Smashing it forward, we guess.

2. Momma Matrimony!

We don’t know Sara Cunningham, but we totes love her. Sara is an Oklahoman LGBTQ ally with a gay son and she has offered to attend the same-sex weddings of those that don’t have the support of their parents. Her Facebook post offering her services has gone viral and we love every second of it. She’s gotten six invites so far and there probably will be more.

It’s sad to even think that any mother or father would abandon their child just for being LGBTQ and not attend one of the most important events in their lives. But it happens way too often. So this declaration by Sara is more about shining the light on love and exposing the bias and self-shame that some parents may have rooted in some twisted religious or moral objection to their own children.

To those parents, we hope they see Sarah shining bright in their children’s wedding photos, supporting them. We hope the images of love and inclusion is stings the heart of selfish parents  into realizing their loss. Sarah represents the family we choose in life when you’re marginalized for being different. Cheers to that.

3. The Spicy Truth About Trump’s LGBT “Support”

Sean Spicer, President Trump’s former Press Secretary, revealed in his new book this week that Trump, the most anti-gay president in history, only mentioned LGBTQ Americans during his speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention as a way to gain the support of GOP delegates who’d pledged to never support his candidacy.

While we’re certainly not surprised, you have to think about the thousands of people who may have voted for Trump because of his cursory mention of our community. Those who may have been moderates, independents, or worse, members of the LGBTQ community, were fooled by this line in his speech, “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful, foreign ideology, believe me;” fooled and filled with just enough hope to give him their vote. How do you like him now?

4. Will & Grace Casting News and a Frasier Reboot?

As we eagerly await the second season of the revival of Will & Grace, Entertainment Weekly has reported that comedienne Chelsea Handler has been cast as a “power lesbian” who becomes a client of Grace’s interior design firm. She’ll also start dating Grace’s sister, Janet, played by Mary McCormack. Will & Grace premieres Oct. 4, 2018.

Word has also leaked out that Kelsey Grammer is in talks with writers to create a new series about the pompous psychiatrist after he moves to a new city from Seattle. Could a Frasier reboot lead to a coming out story for Niles Crane, the young broher played by the gay Emmy-award winning David Hyde Pierce? He’d have to break the heart of Daphne, his longtime love interest, but what a storyline that’d be. What do you think?

5. Whack Job of the Week: Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer

This is a total WTF, you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it story about Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer using his ass as a weapon against terrorism by threatening to make terrorists gay with it. He also dropped the n-word several times, appearing on a comedy reality show entitled, Who is America? hosted by “comedian in disguise” Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen rather easily encouraged Spencer to use his bare ass as a deterrent to ward off gun-wielding terrorists. Apparently if a naked male butt touches you, you’ll turn gay. You might be thinking, “How in the hell does someone like this get elected?” Well, this is just one of many whack jobs that are elected officials. Oh wait — Jason Spencer resigned after this debacle so I guess one down, hundreds to go.

Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo were one of two plaintiff couples in California’s 2013 challenge of Proposition 8, which brought marriage equality back to the state after being ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court. These activists also host the weekly podcast The Husbands. Catch them there or follow them on Instagram @JeffZandPaulK.

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