Instant Karma: This Kid Found Out the Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Piss in an Elevator

Instant Karma: This Kid Found Out the Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Piss in an Elevator

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It’s a common occurrence: You go out, drink too much and need to pee like crazy just as you board an elevator. You get the overwhelming urge to pee in a corner and wonder whether you should. But you don’t, and the kid in this elevator piss video shows exactly why you shouldn’t. Ever.

On Feb. 23, 2018, a young boy rode an apartment complex elevator in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing. While in the elevator, he decided to relieve himself, which is somewhat understandable.

But he stepped in front of the floor buttons and started peeing on those for some reason. What?!?? Who the hell raised this kid?

Though worry not, gentle reader, because he immediately regretted it. The elevator took its revenge.

The buttons began going haywire, flashing erratically as the frightened kid pressed a single button, hoping to fix his piss-poor decision.

Soon after, the overhead lights flickered and shut off, leaving the rogue pisseur to contemplate what he’d done by the dim light of the broken button panel.

Here is the Chinese elevator piss video:

The elevator reportedly broke down entirely, and the kid had to wait in the small enclosed, pee-covered floor until rescuers came to let him out.

One news report said the rescuers came “a short while later” which is unfortunate because if the kid had to wait for hours, perhaps he would’ve come to some sort of personal revelation about his life choices and turned into a great artist or political leader.

As it turned out, when the apartment uncovered this security camera footage of the pee-pee vandal, they simply released it without blurring out the kid’s face, God bless them.

We’re generally against internet-shaming children. But if this video stops even one person from ever peeing in an elevator, his travails were worth it.

What do you think of the elevator piss video? Sound off in the comments.

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