Virtual Human Rights Event to Screen Film About Indonesian, Russian and Kenyan LGBTQ Families

Virtual Human Rights Event to Screen Film About Indonesian, Russian and Kenyan LGBTQ Families

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Erasmus University Rotterdam is hosting an online event on Tuesday, May 18, on LGBTI and human rights. The school is a top-100 research university in the Netherlands.

The event will include a screening of the documentary Out & About, which features the parents of LGBTI children from three countries around the world (Indonesia, Russia and Kenya), and how anti-gay laws and social stigmas affect these families. It shows the interconnectedness of these families and these issues, and also how far we still have to go in ensuring appropriate human rights, respect and understanding for all people.

“Coming out can be emotionally tough for both LGBTI people and their families,” says the event page for this online event. “And it may lead to facing harsh dilemma’s: in many countries, people cannot be open about their sexual orientation, due to severe social stigma and/or anti-LGBTI laws.”

You can watch the trailer for Out & About below:

“I remember the moment he came out to me very well,” one mother says. “I remember each minute, every second. … How scared I was in the beginning.”

“We are also careful,” a father explains. “We don’t just tell relatives. When asked why my son isn’t married yet, I say he hasn’t found his match yet.”

The documentary will explore the various risks and concerns families of LGBTQ people have.

“Parents too may be at risk of discrimination and social isolation and may even fear for their child’s safety. How do families cope with the challenges of having a gay child? And how can they overcome the obstacles they face?”

After the screening there will be a talk with Bahia Tahzib-Lie (Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Nadja Houben (director of the foundation Human Rights in the Picture).

You can learn more about the event here, and sign up here.

Will you be joining this week’s virtual event at Erasmus University Rotterdam?

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