10 Unique Gift Ideas for That Friend Who Seems to Have Everything

10 Unique Gift Ideas for That Friend Who Seems to Have Everything

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We all have a friend who has everything, so what can you possibly give them? He’s already got the latest fashion and newest gadgets, and his birthday’s coming up quickly. Don’t stress out. Here are some things we guarantee he doesn’t already have. Best of all, every one of these ideas costs less than $100, so you won’t have to break the bank to please this impossible-to-please friend.

1. Customized cushion from Firebox

We’d bet your friend who has everything won’t have a giant pillow with his face on it. But, thanks to Firebox, he soon will! This is a perfect gift, especially if your friend has a big ego. $34, firebox.com 

2. The beach chair, reinvented

We love heading down to the beach, but who wants to load up a beach chair and all the other supplies you’ll need? With the Voyage Chair, a trip to the beach has never been more relaxed. Easily portable with its adjustable, padded shoulder straps, it’s also full of unique features like a secret anti-theft pocket. $69, yankodesign.com 

3. Cat ears headphones from Brookstone

These wired headphones make the purr-fect gift for a cat-loving music fan. And the cat ears also double as external speakers, allowing their wearer to share their tunes with the world … whether anyone wants to listen in or not. $39, amazon.com 

4. Sparkling stickers

No one can resist a little extra sparkle. And even the friend who has everything surely doesn’t have everything covered in stickers. May we suggest this super kawaii sticker set from BE@RBRICK? We’re sure it’ll appeal to even the most jaded queen. $70, rokuten.com 

5. Image 3D Reel Viewer

Remember the View-Master? It’s back, thanks to the Image 3D Reel Viewer. And the new Reel Viewer is even better, since you can make personalized reels! Instead of cartoon characters or tourist traps, you can see your favorite memories in quasi-3D. $30, uncommongoods.com 

6. Ceramic coffee and cookie mug

Even if your friend who has everything already has one of these, he’s sure to want another. Who could say no to a Cookie Monster mug with a built-in cookie compartment? $27, etsy.com 

7. How Not to Be a Dick

Sometimes the people who seemingly have everything are lacking one important thing: manners. Save them from themselves with this witty etiquette guide. $14, amazon.com 

8. Jizz the Game

Everyone enjoys a bit of semi-dirty fun every once in a while. Jizz the Game is a naughty — and much safer — version of Russian Roulette. Fill the dick-shaped device with a substance of your choice to spice up any party. $27, firebox.com 

9. Clocky, the Alarm Clock on Wheels

Clocky isn’t your ordinary alarm clock. If your friend has trouble getting out of bed, Clocky will solve the problem. If you don’t wake up, Clocky will roll away from the bed, making your friend get out of bed just to turn the damn thing off. There’s no more sleeping in with Clocky around. $40, awesomestufftobuy.com 

10. Smartphone Magnifier

This portable magnifier makes it really easy to watch YouTube videos … or read Hornet Stories. Just slip your smartphone into this fully assembled cardboard TV and give your daily news fix a retro touch. $30, uncommongoods.com

What have you gifted in the past to your friend who has everything? Let us know in the comments.

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