10 Gag-Worthy Items for the Ultimate Gay Bachelor Party

10 Gag-Worthy Items for the Ultimate Gay Bachelor Party

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on June 09, 2018
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Your BFF is getting hitched, and it’s time to celebrate. It’s up to you to plan and throw the most amazing gay bachelor party ever. A destination party is fun but very costly. Save a few bucks on the location by throwing the party at home, and spend your budget on these items that are essential to any gay bachelor party.

1. Make it rain!

gay bachelor party money gun

If you wish you were a little bit taller, wish you were a baller, this money gun can help… with that last bit anyway. The Cash Cannon is a great way to light up any gay bachelor party. Make it rain with customized fake money — or even load it with a bunch of ones. $80, thecashcannon.com 

2. Personalized whiskey glasses

gay bachelor party glasses

These customized whiskey glasses are an excellent way to mark the special occasion. Better still, they’re surprisingly inexpensive for something that will create life-long memories. $15, personalizationmall.com 

3. Animal facial masks

gay bachelor party mask

What gay man doesn’t love getting pampered? Bring the spa to the party with these adorable hydrating face masks. The Crème Shop’s animal face masks come in a variety of styles; unicorns and tigers and (panda) bears, oh myyyy! $4 each or $10 for three, thecremeshop.com 

4. Games to make your guests gag

gay bachelor party game

If you can’t play with penises at a gay bachelor party, then we’re not interested. Try Dick Match: A Game of Matching Dicks, which is sure to make your guests laugh so hard they can’t breathe as they try to match the comically illustrated cocks in a dirty version of Snap. $27, firebox.com 

5. Planet Lollipops

gay bachelor party lollipops

Make sure your party is out of this world with these planetary lollipops. (See what we did there?) Each planet (along with Pluto and the Sun) has its own unique flavor along with the stunning (edible) image. $30, uncommongoods.com 

6. Lips linen napkin set

gay bachelor party napkins

The smallest details set the tone of any party, and these embroidered cocktail napkins absolutely sing. The set of four feature striking red lips in different poses show off what you can do with your mouth. $48, jonathanadler.com 

7. Romper

gay bachelor party romper

Take a lesson from bachelorette parties and embrace the dark side of fashion. There’s no bigger fashion faux pas than the men’s romper, so of course it’s perfect for your gay bachelor party. It’s sure to be an instant hit. $80, zestiesinc.com 

8. Rainbow neon wall light

gay bachelor party rainbow neon light

Honestly, all gay bachelor parties should come automatically with this rainbow neon wall light. There’s no better way to capture the joyous, celebratory mood. $74, firebox.com 

9. Liquor dispenser

gay bachelor party liquor dispenser

It’s practically sacrilege to not have alcohol at a gay bachelor party. Luckily, this liquor dispenser holds up to six bottles for a room full of thirsty queens. $51, wayfair.com 

10. Bachelor Party Survival Kit Box

gay bachelor party survival kit

Finally, leave the boring party favors out of it. Get creative with this cheeky “survival kit” you can stuff with fun gag gifts. $2.70 per box, zazzle.com 

Are you ready to throw a fabulous gay bachelor party for your BFF? Sound off in the comments below.



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