Go to Paris, Bring Home Glory: Here’s How to Register for the 2018 Gay Games

Go to Paris, Bring Home Glory: Here’s How to Register for the 2018 Gay Games

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Get excited, sports fans! August is coming fast, and that means the 2018 World Gay Games are almost upon us! This year, the games are going to be held in Paris, with Hong Kong next in 2022. And if you want to compete, registration is easy! You can register with your country’s gay sports association, or you can register online. To make things easier for you, this guide will walk you through the complete Gay Games registration process.

1. Go to paris2018.com and click “Register Now” in the lower right corner.

This first step is easy enough — just click the “Register Now” button in the lower right, in the purple bar.

2. Click “Start a New Registration”

Before you start a new registration with that big gray button on the lower-right, you’ll need a few things. First, a payment method. (This Gay Games registration accepts all major international credit cards.)

You’ll also need a passport-style photo they can put on your pass, and a webcam picture of yourself is fine. (And if you don’t have one now, you have until June 30 to add a picture.)

Finally, you’ll need a copy of either a French National Sports License or a Certificate of Fitness and Aptitude. There a few multi-language templates you can download and fill out.

3. Fill in your contact details.

English speakers shouldn’t have much trouble, though there are a few French words included here. “Pays” is “country,” “rue” is “street address” and “ville” is “city.”

4. Answer the disability question

This one just asks if you have any disabilities organizers should be aware of. Select the option that best applies to you and hit “Next.” If you choose “Yes,” the form will ask for more information:

5. Select your level of participation

Next on the Gay Games registration list is selecting your level of participation. You can be a coach, a participant or a supporter. If you’re either a coach or participant, you’ll select which events you’ll be competing in.

6. Let them know if you’ll be involved in any ceremonies.

You’ll be asked if you’re attending the Opening Ceremony, the Closing Ceremony and the Rainbow Run. Next, you’ll be asked if you want to make a donation to help the scholarship fund.

7. Do you want insurance?

For €5.50 you can buy insurance that will reimburse your registration fees in the event you can’t attend the games.

8. Tell the Gay Games about you

Next, Gay Games organizers want to know a bit about you. They first ask if you’ve participated in the games before, and then ask for your Gay Games goals, if you have an inspiring story and your Twitter and Instagram handles.

9. Agree to the terms and conditions

We’re in the home stretch of Gay Games registration! You’ll have to click “I agree” to each of the waivers, which pertain to the Code of Conduct, a gender policy, the health and well-being policy and finally, the terms and conditions.

10. Finish and pay!

And with that, you’re done! The form will ask you to review what you’ve submitted, and assuming that’s all fine you can put in your payment information and you’ll be good to go! We do recommend keeping screenshots of everything just in case.

Now, all that’s left is to book your flight and hotel — and, of course, practice, practice practice! Go win glory for your country!

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