The Hornet Guide to Gay Ibiza

The Hornet Guide to Gay Ibiza

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Ibiza, one of the four Balearic Islands in Spain, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. And, as you might expect for a location so synonymous with EDM and partying, the small island is very gay-friendly. Whether you’re there to play, dance or get tan on one of its beautiful beaches, gay Ibiza is an international party destination.

Tourists typically stay in Ibiza Town — it’s conveniently located near most of the major sights. Ibiza gets crazy during the summer, so if you’re looking for a more low-key Ibiza experience, go in the winter. The island becomes a tranquil haven.

Fun facts about Gay Ibiza

Ibiza is the second largest island in the Balearic Islands — and though most people say “Ibiza” like it’s spelled, the correct pronunciation is “Evissa.” The official language of Ibiza is Catalan, like in Barcelona, but don’t worry — most everyone also speaks Spanish and English.

There’s never a shortage of sunshine in Ibiza. The sun is out for 10 hours a day, 300 days per year. And you can take advantage of that by sunbathing on one of Ibiza’s 57 beaches. It’s not just the beaches that are remarkable; the ground in Ibiza has a distinctive orange color, due to the pine trees all around the island — the tannins in the pine needles dye the ground as they fall.

There are plenty of nightclubs here too including Privilege Ibiza, the world’s largest nightclub. Privilege Ibiza can accommodate 11,000 partygoers and even has its own private swimming pool!

Must-visit Ibiza attractions

Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza is more than just a party town. It’s also famous for its history. Check out the historic center where the old city wall still stands. Ibiza Old Town, or Dalt Vila, offers visitors a beautiful panoramic view of the entire island. And there are parts of this town that date back 2,500 years!

Ibiza also has beautiful architecture, like the Cathedral of Santa María de Victoria close to Dalt Vila. This Gothic church-fortress from late 13th century offers regular tours so you can learn all about its amazing history.

Hippy Market

The Hippy Market is a one-stop-shop for local dining, live entertainment and, of course, shopping. You’ll also want to check out the night market Las Dalias — a flea market that’s been around for over 30 years.

Take a day trip and check out the much calmer island of Formentera, which is especially known for its gorgeous beaches. A 20-minute drive west of Dalt Vila is San Antonio, the other major town on the island. It’s significantly less expensive than Ibiza, and you’ll see a younger crowd — often British twenty-somethings on a low-cost package vacation.

Ibiza’s best museums

Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza also has excellent museums. The Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera is one of the oldest museums in Ibiza. You’ll learn all about the Pitiusas, the first settlers after the Catalan conquest of 1235. You’ll also find out about the cultures before the Pitiusas, the Phoenicians and the late antiquity and medieval Islamic periods.

The Puget museum has its own archaeological site underneath. The two floors of this museum includes items from all throughout the Phoenician city’s history. You’ll also want to swing by the nearby Contemporary Art Museum. It’s been recently restored, so you can look at the historic building, but know the interior is fully modern — including the stunning glass floor over an archeological site.

Gay Ibiza Nightlife

Monalisa Ibiza Bar

Calle de la Virgen is often considered the “gay street”, as it’s where most of the gay and gay-friendly bars of Ibiza are. Outside of Calle de la Virgen, there are additional gay Ibiza outposts at Peixateria Vella and in Dalt Vila.

When you explore gay Ibiza, be sure to check out places like Monalisa, JJ, Leon, MAD Bar and Sunrise. Monalisa, in the heart of Ibiza, is one of our particular favorites, thanks to the handsome staff and regular performances from the fiercest drag queens Ibiza has to offer.

At the MAD Bar, tourists mingle with locals over specialty drinks. Bar Chaos, another friendly bar in town, is another local favorite.

Admittedly, most of these places are quite similar. Most have cute terraces for people-watching, and lovely, flirty bartenders are common.

Are you ready for a trip to Gay Ibiza? Sound off your comments.

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