More American Gay Men Will Be Voting for Donald Trump Than You Think

More American Gay Men Will Be Voting for Donald Trump Than You Think

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The joys of 2020 just won’t stop. As if a global pandemic weren’t enough to have us praying for time travel, the entire world appears to be in shambles. Not only is COVID-19 far from contained, as the planet just experienced a new all-time record of infections, you can add to that: Chinese concentration camps, continued anti-gay violence in Chechnya, Putin being Putin, police brutality sweeping the United States, moronic conspiracy theories devouring the brains of the world’s least intelligent, and an entire coast of America quite literally engulfed in smoke and flames. Things have to start looking up soon, right? Well, that day isn’t today, as new data from Hornet presents an additional “WTF?!”: there are more ‘gay men for Trump’ than you thought. Like, many more.

Earlier this month, gay social network Hornet surveyed 10,000 users from around the world. They were asked their thoughts on the upcoming 2020 U.S. election, including who they would be voting for — Donald Trump or Joe Biden — in November (if they are U.S. citizens) or who they would be voting for if they could (everyone else). The data obtained from American gay men in particular was quite surprising.

Of the American men Hornet surveyed, 51% pledged support for Joe Biden in the upcoming election, while 45% acknowledged they are gay men for Trump.

That places the percentage of respondents who are gay men for Trump higher than what’s seen in the United States electorate overall, which has been supporting the incumbent president at 42-43%, according to national polling data*.

That also places the percentage of respondents who are American gay men for Trump higher than what Hornet found from gay men worldwide. Of all 10,000 Hornet users surveyed (who call around 100 countries home), only 34% support Donald Trump, while 66% support Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Find a more thorough breakdown of the results of Hornet’s survey here.

And another surprise: 10% of the American gay men who took Hornet’s survey say they do not support Donald Trump at all but will vote for him nonetheless.

While for most Donald Trump’s terrible track record on LGBTQ issues seems impossible to dismiss, there are some who apparently do just that. As Michelangelo Signorile writes in an op-ed for the Washington Post, “The Trump administration’s continued assaults on LGBTQ rights are nothing short of breathtaking. And yet, Trump’s supporters who don’t want to acknowledge this aspect of the administration find ways to bury this part of his record in the chaos.”

Until now, we just hadn’t realized that so many of those ‘burying’ Trump’s blatant disregard and outright animus for gay rights and the LGBTQ community happen to be gay men themselves.

What are your thoughts on these gay men for Trump? Let us know what you think on Hornet’s social media and inside the app.

*U.S. national polling data gathered from a Sept. 10 Monmouth University poll and updated averages of general election polls by and

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